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could have gone on forever. 

Jacqueline Guerra is more than a Realtor; she is a tour de force! From our first meeting, Jacqueline had our trust. She is sincere, reliable, competent, and concerned. For Jacqueline it is more than a transaction. She understands that selling or buying a house is a life-changing event. She has the knowledge, energy, persistence, creativity, and compassion to guide you through the process and get you the results you want. That’s what she did for us – and more!

Not only were we selling our home of 15 years; we were moving out of state as well. She has a tested and proven process for listing, prepping, staging, showing, and negotiating to buy and sell homes and it works. Within three months of meeting Jacqueline we listed and sold our house, found a new home and moved to a new state. Jacqueline made that all happen!

Jacqueline sold our El Caserio home within two weeks of first showing it (for 15k above the asking price!) and got us a 30-day lease back to boot. The sale price for our house is the highest for any El Caserio model including the larger model in 2016 with the exception of two larger models with extensive remodels which we did not have or need to sell as high as she accomplished. We were able to afford more house than anticipated due to the 15k additional that Jacqueline got us on our home. 

If that wasn’t enough, when we told Jacqueline we weren’t thrilled with the agent we were referred to in Oregon she went way above and beyond. After not having success with a friends suggestion for a local agent Jacqueline asked to view the offer contracts the agent was submitting for us and thru this she can tell he did not have enough experience, so Jacqueline took it upon herself to find an experienced agent we needed to successful find and purchase our new home. Jacqueline did some research, interviewed potential agents for us, and helped us find a terrific agent who got us the house we wanted for the price we wanted.

Jacqueline’s professionalism and dedication to her clients cannot be overstated. The experience of working with her is amazing; the results are exceptional! We unequivocally offer our strongest recommendation to Jacqueline Guerra. 

Greg Giuliano & Theresa Apodaca, formerly of 6 La Cueva, RSM.


PAY IT FORWARD DONATION: Jacqueline's donated 500.00 of her commission from the sale of clients property thru her Pay If Forward program to the Orange County Animal Shelter and Animal Help and Wellness Foundation which fights against the Asian dog meat trade. 

My donation is in honor of my clients Gregory Giuliano & Theresa Apodaca from my real estate "Pay It Forward Program" for the recent sale of their home. The purpose of Pay it Forward is my way of showing appreciation for my clients business and in turn giving back to our community.  This program is also to encourage others to contribute to our community in the hope that they support and become involved, whether by donating funds or volunteering their time. The ultimate goal is to kindle a new found passion to help others, realizing that success is only determined by the lives we touch along the way.













When we decided to sell our house we knew it was super important to find someone who was going to work for us and who knew the market in our area. The lady who helped us find the house in the first place was lovely, but as we had used her to put out house on the market  a couple of years previously ( and it did not sell) we wanted to try some one else.

One of my best friends' husband is a long time realtor who lived for many years in Dove Canyon and we thought that he would be a great fit as he had just sold another friend’s house really quickly. So we had him come to the house to give us some advice on how to prepare our house for sale and to value it. After he left our house I felt so disappointed at, not only the upgrades we had made (including a $30,000 kitchen) but, all the work he suggested we needed to do before he could market it. He valued our house at maximum $595,000, but to get that we would have to spend at least $25,000 scraping the popcorn ceilings and replacing everything in both bathrooms. As he was recommended to us, I was so stressed!!

Then, we decided to ask Jacqueline Guerra for a second opinion and she also happens to live 3 doors away from us! WOW!!! What a difference! She came to our house armed with so much information and comparable property sales and explained to us what exactly we needed to do to market our house and prepare it for a seamless, stress free sale! Jacqueline gave us a valuation of $640,000 and told us that we should get more. We thought she was nuts for a price that high but liked what we were hearing! We also did not need to spend a ton of money replacing bathrooms etc. but just to make things look more appealing with new door knobs, little paint touch up etc. I think it cost us under $1000 to prepare the house for sale!

Jacqueline had a clear plan of how to prepare our home for sale, free staging, creative marketing and ability to create excited interest. To cut a fairly long story to a slightly shorter one, the first viewings we had at the open house which after reviewing the photos she took for us, was like a busy day at Disneyland! On that day we had multiple offers and consequently ended up selling our house to one of those offers for way above market value,  SOLD at 660k AND negotiated a cheap lease back for 3 months, negotiated 1.5 lease back for free AND no work was needed to be done that was highlighted in the inspection, she negotiated property to be sold as is.

In short, you would be doing yourself a huge injustice if you do NOT use Jacqueline Guerra to sell your house!

We are also now lucky enough to call her a good friend. 

The Down Family

44 Pasada Valiente, RSM








Linn Morgan, Director of Community Relations for the Blind Children´s Learning Center, was impressed by Guerra´s innovative spin on philanthropic giving. "We have never received a donation set up quite like this, a percentage of a realtor´s commission," said Morgan, "What a great concept! And what a wonderful heart Jacqueline has to create such an amazing Pay It Forward program. We are very grateful to her and look forward to working with Marcelo."

Dear Jacqueline,

A very special thank you for your generous commission donation to the Blind Children´s Learning Center. Our children will benefit greatly from your generosity. For over 40 years, the Blind Children´s Learning Center has been providing life changing services to blind, visually impaired deaf/blind children in Orange County.


Thank you for your support.



Peggy Blaising

Board member

Blind Children's Learning Center

Dear Jacqueline,

On behalf of the staff, board of directors and, most importantly, the children of Blind Children´s Learning Center, thank you so much for your generous commission donation from your Pay It Forward program. Please know your friendship and support are truly appreciated, and we look forward to working with you in the future.

Blindness can mean a future of crippling isolation and dependence. Our parents dream that their blind or visually impaired child will grow to be successful, happy, and independent adults. You are helping their dreams come true.

Thank you, again, for caring and helping us to fulfill our mission to develop the full potential of blind, visually impaired, and deaf/blind children and youth to lead independent lives.


Kathy Goodspeed

Interim Executive Director

Blind Children's Learning Center
Dear Ms. Guerra,

On behalf of the staff and kids we serve, thank you for your past and ongoing support!  We are grateful and appreciative of your contributions, without which we would not be able to accomplish our mission.

Alan B. Andrade
Director of Major Gifts and Planned Giving
(714) 619-0228









The Geisen Family Story

I can’t believe that from a one-time visit to an open house meeting Jacqueline, I would sell my house of 20yrs within one week, for 38k above list price and 53k over market value and made a friend for life!

My husband Darin and I met Jacqueline Guerra in March of 2017 at an open house that she was having that was an exact model as ours. We went there just to get ideas because that home had a huge kitchen remodel (which we were thinking of doing). I remember after meeting Jacqueline saying to my husband that if I ever sold my house, I would DEFINITELY call Jacqueline. But selling my house?? Doubtful….I loved my home!  We lived in our home for 20 years, and I didn’t see myself ever moving from our very first home together!

Fast forward 3 months, and we found ourselves contemplating the thought of possibly selling the only house our family ever knew to buy a larger forever home!!! I remembered meeting Jacqueline and told Darin, “let me email her and see” She responded promptly back that she would meet with us and that’s how our story began…..

I don’t know where to begin with describing Jacqueline Guerra as a realtor and as a person. Her qualities supersede any that I have encountered.

From the beginning she never made us feel as if we HAD to sell. Since we were indecisive, she gave us the pros and cons and even went a step further to run reports on what our net profit would be to both sell and buy a new home so we could understand the entire process and financial impact. At this point, she was providing all this lengthy detail, and we hadn’t even accepted her as our realtor!!  What I love about Jacqueline is that there are no hidden agendas; everything is transparent so that you know exactly what is going to happen step by step. She even offers a seller and buyer Guarantee!!

Once we began the selling process, she gave us a suggestion list with pictures and details of what we needed to do to get our home ready for sale for the high price we wanted. My husband and I thought that it was a bit much because our home already was pretty immaculate, but once again Jacqueline knows her business and knows it well because this WAS an important step to selling our house that I think most realtors miss. We saw on the MLS how most real estate agents simple lower the list price until the property sells, where Jacqueline offers an upsell process which was the steps necessary to obtain a higher than market value price. This process includes free staging, finding and removing buyer concerns, professional photographer and more. She also created a personalized seller’s guide and sale price options, a price sold with the property “as is” and a price if we completed the list, it was up to us, and of course, we chose the higher price which is why she created the suggestion list.  We learned that the house has to look like the price we were asking for, and since she has worked with buyers for many years she knows exactly how to prepare a property to get multiple offers for the price we wanted which is exactly what happen.  One important thing to note that Jacqueline also specializes in finding the negatives of each home and turning them into positives, as she did with our house that backed to a busy street. She did her magic personally and made our backyard look like a resort and marketed that way.  Ordinarily, a house backing into a street sells for less and is a turn off to buyers, but she turned it into a great selling point which helped obtain our multiple offers.

It took us 3 weeks to prepare our house ready to sell. When it was time to list our home, she suggests a listing price on the higher side than the comparable showed,  but lower than we hoped for since we wanted over market value.  But at this point, we had learned to trust Jacqueline (she knows what she’s doing), so we let her do the strategic pricing part of her 6 step process. Our first open house came, and we had 6 offers and after 6 days accepted an offer for 38K higher list price and 53k higher than market value!! This was beyond exciting news!

Next came the nerve-wracking, exhausting part called Escrow, which is what I dreaded most of selling our home because of my experience in life I have been through the ringer in the past with legal documents and have learned not to trust anyone or anything unless it’s in writing. Jacqueline knew this and made me feel at ease with the whole process. She explained everything and at times asked me to call the lender myself with any specific questions.  She also did her due diligence and carefully went thru ALL offers to view financial and supporting docs for red flags & strength of buyers. She explained offers in detail so we could intelligently and carefully choose our buyer so we would not fall out of escrow, which we found out that she has NEVER fallen out of escrow due to this process!!   

We sold the house 2 months from the day we first had our meeting with Jacqueline, and I wouldn’t have wanted anyone else by my side guiding me every step of the way.

We also hired Jacqueline as our buyer’s agent, to help us purchase our new forever home. Which by the way because of her 6 step process it allowed us to sell for more money, therefore, we were able to buy a larger home, and essentially she paid for her own commission and part of the other agent's commission.

I mentioned how great Jacqueline is as a Realtor, but as a person I forgot to mention some of her many caring traits… Upon the sale of our home, as with ALL her clients, she has a “Pay it Forward” commission donation program and with our sale, she donated part of her commission to the Blaze Bernstein Memorial Fund in our name. Something she knew would be near and dear to our hearts! She took us to crystal cove beachcomber restaurant (which we had never been) to celebrate and took photos throughout the selling process and at the end, she made us a family memory book of photos from start to finish for us to treasure.  Her thoughtfulness made the process more memorable and special.

All in all, Jacqueline made selling our family home into a memorable experience and fun! Yes, Fun, who would’ve thought that selling a house would be fun?? She delivered everything she promised and more. Simply put, she works hard and long hours to meet her client’s goals. She was ALWAYS accessible to us and even to this date she is still offering help and suggestions. There is NO other realtor I would recommend other than Jacqueline Guerra. Don’t waste your time and money with others just go straight to her and give her a call. Who knows, you may just make a life-long friend like we did!


Michelle and Darin Geisen

 31 La Cascada, RSM






WE love you Jaqueline, Bob and Nani

Dearest Jacqueline, thank you for all of your help in the sale of our home. Without your help the whole process would have been overwhelming. You guided us honestly and sincerely with your expertise. Right of the bat you told us through extensive research exactly what we could expect to list our house at. The offers came fast and were at or above what you predicted due to your strong negotiation skills. I have talked to many people who have been trying to sell their house for many months with no offers, because their realtor had not done proper research on market conditions and were not honest with their clients. But, you also went that extra step with the staging of our house, the tons of marketing, the yard sale and dealing with the buyers. You were so pleasant to work with and became a part of our family. We looked forward to your visits to Hawaii and your pleasant personality. You have a great reputation with all of the residents of Rancho Santa Margarita and I would recommend you to all of my family and friends. We thank you from the bottom of our hearts and hope that you will be our lifetime friend.

Love, Bob and Nani Dumity

3 Los Abitos, RSM CA 92668



Thank You Super Agent Jackie,


As we get closer to finally owning our home I am overcome with happiness and a need to express my emotions.  Thank you so very much for putting us in this position of finally owning our dream house.  You setting aside this house and fighting for us every step of the way to get this house has truly been a blessing from God.  We are so fortunate to have met you and thankful that you are our agent.  Our Super Agent!  :) 


Take care and talk to you soon.  


Amir Chak

29 Calle Estero, RSM








In January of 2012 my husband and I were driving through neighborhoods in RSM looking for homes for sale. I came across a “For Sale” sign for a home and called Jacqueline Guerra, who was the listing agent for the home. I was a first time home buyer and had many questions and was unsure about how the whole process worked. Jacqueline spent over an hour that day answering all my questions, educating me about the loan and home buying process, and telling me about the current real estate market. I was so impressed with her knowledge of the market as well as her patience talking to me that day.  I knew after that phone call that I had found our real estate agent! After meeting with our lender (who Jacqueline recommended- and is awesome!) we realized we were not ready to buy yet, we still needed a few more months to save money for our down payment.  Once we had the additional money for the down payment saved a few months later, I called Jacqueline again and we set up a time to meet with her. Our first meeting with Jacqueline went so well. She is so warm and personable and although I had only spoken to her on the phone a few times, it was like seeing an old friend again. At that meeting she spent time really getting to know us and what we wanted in a home. She also explained about how the real estate market had changed since we spoke last, and what our game plan would be for getting a home in the current competitive real estate market. I felt very comfortable with our decision to go with Jacqueline as our agent, as it was very obvious from talking with her that she knew what she was doing and was passionate about her work.

Jacqueline created a custom MLS listing for us, and often times called us to let us know that a property hit the market before we had even had a chance to get the MLS listing on it. When we found homes that we were interested in, Jacqueline would immediately start researching comps and helped us to decide whether our not to place an offer, and if so, what the offer price should be.

It took about a month and a half before we found the home that we ended up buying. When we were placing the offer on our home, Jacqueline was able to negotiate a purchase price under the list price during a very competitive market when most buyers were paying over the list price to secure a property. Through the escrow process Jacqueline was in daily contact with me and stayed on top of everything in order to keep things moving forward. She was so organized and efficient and I really trusted her that she would not let us get taken advantage of by the seller or vendors.   Jacqueline would also carefully view all documentation prior to us signing anything in order to protect us. She was able to find multiple escrow errors that I would have easily overlooked and made sure that they were corrected. Once we closed escrow, Jacqueline surprised us with a very nice key ceremony at our new home. Our contact with Jacqueline did not stop after we closed escrow. She has checked in with us since closing escrow to see how we were doing, make sure that we got our final check and to make sure everything in our house was working properly.

I would highly recommend Jacqueline as a real estate agent. She is an expert in real estate, passionate about her work, extremely organized and hard working, and most importantly a genuinely honest and caring person.


Jaimie Jones

158 Calle De Los Ninos, Rancho Santa Margarita CA 92688







In my many years of business and having sold and purchased (5) homes over the last 20 years, I would like to thank you for your professionalism, level of detail, and incredibly fast turn around in the sale of my property. In today´s slow market as we are currently experiencing, where homes are staying on the market an average of 120-days you exceeded everyone's expectations by having multiple offers in only 5-days and well above market value - the neighbors truly appreciate you bringing back up the neighborhood home values. 

Your level of detail in regards to competitive properties, professionally marketing my home, setting a realistic price while meeting my expectations, qualifying the potential buyers, and negotiating a rapid escrow has made this a pleasurable and pleasing sale and business relationship.

In addition, with the sale of my current home I would like to thank you for finding my next home. Not only did this property meet all of my criteria, but exceeded my expectations for price of 37,000 well under market value, convenience and a community I look forward to becoming a part of. I also thank you for introducing me to an honest lender that got me an incredible rate much lower then expected, thanks to you for pushing me to get a good faith agreement and lock rate. You took the time to walk me and my wife through each step as well as always informing of with updates through your phone calls, emails and that great 24hr online live update status created personally for our transaction. 

At the end of our transaction, Jacqueline selfishly donated a percentage of her commission to a charity organization of our choice, in our name. This was no surprise to me, as Jacqueline demonstrated many kind-hearted acts throughout the entire transaction, like the wonderful, thoughtful key ceremony you gave when I walked through the door as the new owner. The food, champaign, balloons and gifts were all very much appreciated - again another one of your thoughtful acts of kindness just to make sure every moment was special.

I greatly appreciate your efforts, I am not only a satisfied client but now also a friend.

Best regards

Thomas H Paterniti

40 Viaggio Lane, Foothill Ranch, CA 92610 (Sold)

22 Celosia, RSM (Purchase)

"The Paterniti family choose Safe Place (a safe place for sexually abused women) for their Pay It Forward Program donation, where Jacqueline Guerra donates a percentage of her commission from the sale of the clients home. This donation was placed in honor of the Paterniti family's name."







33 Desert Thorn, RSM










Your Detailed Appraisal Report Review MADE ALL THE DIFFERENCE!!!


Jacqueline I wanted to let you know that when I spoke to the lender James at Wells Fargo in underwriting about the email response he received from you regarding our appraisal dispute, that he stated to me… ‘Normally, I receive very limited info regarding appraisal disputes and the reason why. The realtor might simply state that the appraisal was bad, or needs to be redone. But your realtor Jacqueline provided the most detailed response myself or the Appraisal Reconsideration Team have ever seen.’

Just wanted to pass that along and Thank You for your due diligence in reviewing the appraisal and advocating for us which made all the difference.


Mary Kay Patrick & Hayden Brickle
34164 San Simeon, Temecula CA 

-Negotiated 10k reduction price. 

-Key ceremony to celebrate clients as the new owners to create memories for a life time with food and drinks.

-Memory book filled with photos of transactions as a keep sake for years to come









Thank you for agreeing to list and sell our house.  Where do I start? We previously listed our house (through another agent we knew) and were unsuccessful in securing any offers after being listed for 6 months while all the other houses on the market sold quickly, so we canceled our listing with that other agent.  My wife and I were very hesitant to re-list as we were less than confident it would sell and we did not want to go through the trouble of open houses, touch-ups, and schedule adjustments.


Then we came across our local Realtor Jacqueline Guerra whom we had seen sell many properties in our tract. We decided to contact her and ask question to try to make sense of why our house did not sell. It was dinner time when we called her and she offered to view the MLS and gave us reason that our house possible did not sell. She sounded like she knew what she was speaking about so we set an appointment. During our listing appointment she gave detailed comp data and showed us systematically how she sold other properties and how she intended to sell our house, she also provides a seller guarantee which made us feel comfortable.


We hired you then the suggested list of items came to prepare our property.  You presented us with a list of items to either remove, change, or adjust throughout the whole property.  My wife and I were about to pull the plug.  Not only did we not trust a sale would occur due to our recent experience with the past agent, but you wanted us to do housework on top of it.  You provided a unique service creating a suggested list of things to do based on buyer objectives to obtain the highest price and best terms. We did complete most of the to-do's prior to listing and then came the open house.  Shuffling schedules and ensuring a presentable house (not our specialty) was tough and our doubt began to creep in the following Monday when we did not see any offers.


Then the offers came through 4 days after listing.  THANKS and you were right.  We were so excited at how quickly the property sold and couldn't have been happier with the outcome. You negotiated higher than list price and we got it and sold higher than the most current sold comps with all terms were in our favor putting more money in our pocket. While the other agent we worked with lowered the price and it still did not sell, nor did she do half the work you did prior to listing and during the listing. All the prep work you suggested was worth it and your strategy was spot on!  You were able to dispell any doubts we had in the process and with the sale of our house allowing us to pursue our next dream.  We can't begin to thank you enough and would recommend you to our friends/family with no hesitation.  While this is your business, you made it very comfortable throughout the process and you were always available to answer questions and give guidance.  We wish you the best of luck in the future and hope people recognize your passion in what you do.




Mike, Madison, Payton & Bailey

5 Firethorn, RSM CA 92688






My wife and I bought our home in RSM in 1993.  Since then, we have debated on several occasions whether to sell and buy another home in the area.  I find it amazing that although I have never bought or sold a home through Jacqueline, she is always my first thought when I have any questions regarding the housing market, if it is a good time to buy or sell, or refinancing.  She has never made a penny from us as a client, yet she has still taken the time on several occasions over the last few years to provide advice and data, and work with my wife and me when we were trying to decide whether to sell our home and buy another.  Some realtors may have used our unsure situation to advise us that we should of course sell our home and buy another, so they would get the commission on both!  But not Jacqueline.  On each occasion, she listened to what our situation and goals were and provided us with her expert advice about the market and our home.  In the end, based a lot upon her advice, we have decided to stay in the home we have owned for 20+ years and invest in it as our “forever” home.


A lot of people like to claim that they are somehow special or unique in their field to get your business.  Jacqueline is actually the real deal.  I trust her implicitly from the unbelievable depth of her knowledge of the real estate market and trends, to helping with the huge life decision on whether or not it is a good time to buy or sell a home.  You can count on her to provide you with an honest assessment of your own situation, even if that advice is to stay in your current home, or hold off on buying a new home.  There is no money in that advice for Jacqueline, but I think she realizes that when the time is right, she will get the sale and her well-earned commission, and the decision for her clients will always be what was in their best interest.


I find that a refreshing difference in the business world, where a lot of people will do anything to make that next sale, and could care less if it is the right decision for you.  Jacqueline truly does care about others and has demonstrated repeatedly that she is not just about making that sale.  I tend to think she gets a lot of satisfaction from simply helping people because she has the knowledge to share, not necessarily because there is any money involved.  She has made an impact and a difference in our lives, and we are truly grateful.  We all can’t be experts at everything, and many of us have experienced that doubt with maybe a mechanic or dentist that you wanted to trust and just hoped that weren’t taking advantage of you.  Well Jacqueline is an expert in her field and you can trust her without a doubt.  I consider our community very fortunate to have someone like her available to us, knowing that she would never take advantage of your situation.  What more can you ask for when it comes down to one of the biggest decisions most of us make in our lives, when it comes to buying or selling our home.


Thank You Jacqueline, for all you do!

Bill & Cindi Graham 

17 Boxthorn (El Caserio Tract)






    21921 Via Del Lago





You cannot find a more caring and hard working Realtor for you.  My wife and I were very lucky to walk into one of her open houses.  It is funny because we went on a random trip to RSM, so I could show my wife the area.  We walked into one home, not Jacqueline's, and the Realtor said, "have a look around and let me know if you need anything."  He never got up, never showed us anything, or asked us our thoughts, and didn't even ask if we had a Realtor.  I walked out and told my wife if that Realtor was any good he would have asked if we had anyone and tried to earn our business.  We walked into Jacqueline's open house and she didn't try to sell us on a home or try to say this is your place, she got to know us and asked our wants.  Soon after she later created a personalized "Buyer´s Guide" and brought it to my office to go over so my wife & I knew exactly what to expect during the home purchasing process, the pitfalls that home buying does have and for us to keep for our records. We knew from there that she was our Realtor because she cared about us and wasn't trying to be pushy or pressing.  It is hard to find people that care about you, but I know she did and she showed it through the entire process.


My wife and I knew what we wanted and Jacqueline did everything to accommodate us.  She researched all properties for purchasing and negotiating strength prior to making appointments in advance to tour places. She met us late at night to look at homes, she even went and looked at homes before my wife and I went to see if it fit our list of wants.  She even mailed letters to homes that were no longer listed to see if they would be interested in selling; something I don't think every Realtor would be willing to do. She conducted thorough comps for every listing we were interested in.  We placed an offer on a property and my wife later changed her mind, Jacqueline told us from the begging that this might happen and she would do everything in our legal right to cancel if needed, and she did cancel our contract with this offer. Jacqueline did so much for us to help us find a house we could call home.  Through the lending process to closing to after the sale, she was by our sides. 


When we finally closed and got the key, Jacqueline unexpectedly through a beautiful key ceremony with food and drink, made an amazing photo book of the ceremony, and helped us make memories we can't forget.  She always says, "my services don't stop after you have purchased the home, if you need anything call me."  I did have to call her about property tax info and she responded immediately and helped me out by calling the assessor office and providing them sold comp information for them to change our tax amount.  Jacqueline is there for you in so many ways.  She does not stop working, even on holidays like Thanksgiving or Christmas, for what you want.  She keeps you in check in the good ways by making sure you know what you are getting.  Jacqueline does not cut corners and lays everything out there for you. 


Bottom line, we were so lucky to find a great friend like her to help us.  Jacqueline is amazing and does everything and more for you.  The plain fact is even a testimonial is not enough to explain how much she does for you, or how happy we were with her.  We thank her so much, and we know if we ever need anything she is there for us.

Thank you so much for the memory book!!! It is the most amazing and memorable gift.. It is truly a blessing that we walked into the open house and met you.. This experience would not have nearly been the same without you!!! Alex


Presently several months later:  She hasn't let down or disappointed. We had a home warranty problem and she has been all over it helping us out.  Our AC went out and Jacqueline has been amazing to say the least in helping us get it fixed.  I am still amazed by the service she provides after we have purchased our home.  She is a dream to have in our corner to put it mildly.


Kyle and Alex Auslander 

6190 Jacaranda Ln, Yorba Linda CA 92887

"Kyle & Alex choose Modjeska Animal Rescue for their Pay It Forward Program donation, where Jacqueline Guerra donates a percentage of her commission from the sale of the clients home. This donation was placed in honor of the Kyle & Alex Auslander name."



I met Jacqueline several years ago at her many different open houses when selling our neighbor´s El Caserio tract homes. Jacqueline has been such an encouragement and her free services has proved to be invaluable in helping me to decide whether to sell or lease my home in this market. She has provided detailed documents, spent countless hours sharing & explaining the comparative market analysis to assist me in making a decision to ultimately lease or rent a room in order to keep my home. One I decided to rent out a room she provided advertising techniques, researching and answering all of my questions. 

She has earned my respect by her commitment to help myself and neighbors, her enthusiasm, her professional manner and her great character.  Jacqueline is the first realtor I have worked with who offers free services. I couldn't be more pleased with the services she has provided throughout the process.  Realtors don´t make money helping others rent a room, but Jacqueline believes in always helping her community in any way she can. I would encourage others to contact Jacqueline to assist you with anything you may need help with, even non real estate task. 

Esther Matranga 
19 Dewberry, RSM (El Caserio Tract) 





Jacqueline helped us find our dream home. For that we are eternally grateful!


After only living in our first home for a few years, my husband and I made the decision to sell and move to "the canyon". Others had a hard time understanding our motive and we didn't have much support. Jacqueline took the time and effort to see our vision through to the end.


We originally started our new home search with another realtor who is very familiar with the canyon which is where we wanted to move. However, after meeting Jacqueline to list our property, we quickly decided to also hire her to represent us with our new purchase as well, after going over her very detailed research data she presented to us, there was no question.


Jacqueline is a professional and compassionate Realtor. While she was selling our previous home, she helped us secure a place to live while looking for the right home. The very weekend we moved out of our old home, a new listing came up on the MLS and she had us in to see the house (and some others) the very next day. We were the first to view the home and the first to make an offer. Because of Jacqueline's excellent negotiating skills, the home went immediately into pending sale status. (This was especially impressive considering the low inventory at the time which caused many others to be outbid.) *Another note: Jacqueline offered to take us to the little town Cafe on our way home because we had spent a lot of time looking at the different properties and it was getting late for our boys.


Throughout the whole process it was clear that Jacqueline had our best interest in mind. The home being located on a slope in Silverado Canyon had us concerned about flooding. Jacqueline knocked on neighbors doors to find out more about the floods in the past and the property that we were purchasing. She even took photos of neighbor´s yards to show us and got neighbors contact information in case we had other questions! She also hired a property line specialist on her own to find out if tenants next door were using our property, and yes they were.  When she received a call regarding a pipe leak in the backyard she drove out immediately to take pictures and secure the problem.


And of course, Jacqueline's attention to detail both saved us money and gave us peace of mind. She helped with securing the right home insurance (which in the canyon is not an easy thing to do!) and she got the Seller's to agree to take care of the septic tank which was a battle in itself and very expensive, which saved us a lot of money. She assisted the seller´s agent with finding the best vendor for the septic job.


Jacqueline surprised us on the evening we first opened the home as the new owner's with a special key ceremony. The kitchen was decorated with a buffet of food and she even remembered my husband's birthday and had a cake for him too with his name on it! We had enough food to feed our family for a few days!


Jacqueline even helped us paint the inside of our new home! She is now a dear family friend and when we invited her over to our new house to have dinner with us she presented us with a memory book with pictures, emails, and notes from when we were selling our old home and buying our new home. We highly recommend Jacqueline to anyone looking for the best seller or buyer's agent!



The Clemons Family 

Liam, Melissa, Micah, Lucan (and our dog Gidget)

29206 Hazel Bell Dr

Silverado Canyon  CA 92676












To Potential Sellers;

It can be difficult to sell when prices keep dropping as they have been in 2008, but Jacqueline helped us set a price range that would attract multiple potential buyers. As a result, we had lots of buyers and received multiple offers. Jacqueline counter offered and continued to negotiate the best deal possible for us allowing us to get a little over market value for our home with the most qualified buyer in only four days on the market. 

To get ready for sale, she helped us maximize our homes potential by recommending such things as eliminating clutter, reducing the number of items in each room and using white curtains to let in more light. When we were ready she took several photos which she used in online and printed marketing materials. This helped us stand out amongst the competition and get a higher price.

Without Jacqueline's expert marketing and great negotiating experience, we'd probably still be waiting for a buyer as the market continues to drop and our equity diminished.

Thank you Jacqueline for your wonderful donation to Orangewood Children´s Foundation thru your Pay It Forward Program. It was thoughtful of you to place the donation in our family name as a thank you gift. We're planning on continuing to pay it forward by donating a portion of the net from our sale to an organization like Joni and Friends, and maybe even go on a mission trip with them.

Thanks, Jacqueline! 

Phil Moffitt 


Thank you so much for the yummy birthday cake and beautiful mother's day flowers. You are so incredible thoughtful and kind. Thank you also for being our Realtor and helping us not only sell our home but find our move up home to raise our family. You are so friendly and sweet to our kids, when I tell Caden we are going to see you he gets excited and looks forward to it. He also likes it when we include you in his bed time prayers, he reminds us if we forget to pray for you. 

Jenniffer Moffitt 

22916 Via Pimiento, MV, CA 92691 (Purchased)

128 flor De Sol - SOLD #82RSM, CA  92688 (Sold)

"The Moffitt family choose Orangewood Childrens Hospital for their Pay It Forward Program donation, where Jacqueline Guerra donates a percentage of her commission from the purchase of the clients new home. This donation was placed in honor of the Moffitt family name."


Soon after I purchased my home & moved in my car got broken into. Jacqueline was the listing agent and I had my own agent represent me for the purchase. When my car got broken into I called Jacqueline because she seem to really care about people. She contacted the authorities & told me to call my insurance company. Then she asked me for my car info &  to my surprise within 45 min she called me back with a couple different quotes from affordable companies to have my glass replaced because I was dealing with a lot. Thank you JG for caring! 


Hernandez Family (El CaserioTract) RSM 


Dear Jacqueline:

A simple thank you can not express my appreciation for all works you have done for me, most of which you received no compensation for.  You have worked with me for almost 10 months patiently.  From helping me to evict my old tenant who was difficult to deal with, work with many vendors, up to located my current tenant, you did more than an agent would normally do.

I receiving your newsletters over the years and I am glad that I made the call to contact you to help with my property for your experience and connections.

You helped me to contact my old tenant trying to ease our relationship and work with us both to come up with a beneficial agreement.  When he refused to work with me, you help me to contact an attorney for eviction.  You have helped me to write letters, e-mails for I did not have internet access.  You gave extra effort and went out of your way regardless of your busy schedule for me since I live in LA.

When the tenant moved out I was shocked to say the lease on the condition he left my property from holes in the walls, to mold, stains all over flooring, missing cabinets, broken windows and much more. You told me not to worry that you would help me with everything since I lived in LA from finding vendors to help me remove all remaining furniture and trash that the old tenant left behind, to cleaning up the property, and refer vendors for all remodeling work.  You also helped me to negotiated prices & scheduling.  With your expertise knowledge, you advised me of all things that needed to be done.  You also help me to select current popular color for the house and shop for me to locate materials needed for the remodeling, from large items such as toilet bowl, to small items as the handles of the cabinet as well as color coordination.

On a daily basis you met with vendors to open up the property, take before and after photos of work completed, checked on work, and locked up. You contacted me on a regular basis to keep me informed. You have treated my property as your own.  You even handled all HOA issues when they would mail me letters regarding landscaping concerns. Unfortunately I was not able to pay you for this work and all these task as my property was so destroyed I needed the money to fix it, not to mention I lost my job. I was only able to pay you a small percentage to lease my property to the next tenant.

Finally, when the property was ready to put up for rent, you carefully screened multiple applications and found me a good tenant with strong finance background.  You also surprised me by leasing the property for 2,500 per month, when I was only receiving 1,900 per month for several years. 

I almost missed one important factor which is that you created me an e-mail account and taught me how use it to communicate with vendors and my new tenants to have a paper trail. You taught me how to better manage my property and informed me of current legal tenant and landlord laws. There are many things that you did that were not mentioned. But in closing I want to thank you for all that you did and when someone looks for a Realtor, I will highly recommend you.  Not only for your expertise, but because you are also very detailed and considerate.


Jeannie Wong

17 Dewberry RSM (El Caserio Tract) 







To whom it may concern,

I, Melissa Wojtanowski, had a wonderful and pleasant experience having Jacqueline Guerra as my real estate agent. On her behalf I chose to write this letter to acknowledge her dedication, commitment, and hard work that she devoted to selling our house.

We have worked with real estate agents besides our interaction with Jacqueline, but are noticing that Jacqueline sets herself apart from others as she sets her goals extremely high and really works hard for her customers.

As a nurse myself, I have seen for example a doctor whom just explains to their patient their results. treatment needed, and quickly leaves the room because at that point their job is done. And correct, truly it is. Then, on the other hand though, I have seen the other type whom says this is my job, I love what I do, and I really care for my patient above and beyond my call. This physician makes sure their patient thoroughly understands the tests run, any additional therapy they may need, and even calls back in to check on their patient with me when they are gone from the hospital and off duty to see how their patient's doing. The latter physician gives the time to their patient to understand their critical diagnosis ignoring such things as how quickly they see patients and gives this patient whatever time they need simply because they care. The latter physician also knew their patient was critical and cared enough to call in on their own time after hours to ask how they were doing.

This second doctor is similar to Jacqueline by nature with her work ethics.

She definitely wasn't the one just trying to get her work done and moving on but like the second one taking the time that the patient really needed to do a complete and thorough job. Some people just do their job while others not only do their job but care a lot about what they are doing in the process to do a really great job and achieve highly. Jacqueline achieved highly. She is very customer oriented, positive, and goes above and beyond to help her customers.

We met Jacqueline a few years ago, she was the listing agent for the property we previously purchased and have now sold. Since we met her she has sent us real estate information whenever we requested. We decided to recently hire her to sell our property after consulting with other agents as well. One person was a co-worker/ friend of my husbands.

We chose Jacqueline because she appeared more thorough, showing us various comps in the neighborhood and trying to really get a fair value of our home. This later turned out to be very helpful. And we have noticed that not all agents take the time to be this thorough. She really sets the bar high. She set our home a little over what the property was worth but not by much. Within the first few days of showing our house and putting it on the market she had many offers competing on our home to buy it. We realized at this time her strength in negotiating for us to get us the most money for our home.

Our home was initially listed at 430k and she took the time to negotiate amongst our several offers to get 455k for our home. She continued to market and advertise our property even after having multiple offers. In addition to our price being much higher than anticipated due to her negotiating, she also negotiated such matters into the price for the buyer to pay such as termite inspection and repair work needed. Normally the termite fees should have been for us to repair, which were over $800. Having the buyers pay these cost saved us lots of money.

In the end the buyer felt completely satisfied that they got a great home and we were very satisfied as well. She was kind enough to take us to dinner to celebrate and created a memory book for us that included photos of the property when we purchased it, when we sold and dinner photos. This is special being that our son was born at this home we recently sold. 

In closing, I want to thank Jacqueline again for all of her hard work and commitment. We really appreciate what she has done. We wholeheartedly recommend her to anyone selling or buying a home, as she does her job very thorough and takes great care in doing a good job for her customer. If you have any questions please feel free to contact me at 714-833-8619. Thank you.


Melissa Wojtanowski  






My fiancé knew of Jacqueline Guerra from her selling so many homes in the RSM neighborhood. I received a notice of foreclosure and did not know what to do. I called Jacqueline for help with this divesting, emotional situation & she asked me to send her all bank documents that my bank was mailing me. She then called my bank on my behalf & requested a hold on my foreclosure & suggested that I conduct a short sale with a local agent since I was out of California. During this time, Jacqueline negotiated with my bank for me to get 20,000 to conduct my short sale & sure enough at closing I received a check for 20k. I would have lost my home to a foreclosure with no money in my pocket, but Jacqueline help to make sense of this very confusing process & now I have money. She did not ask for anything in return, not even a penny, all she asked for was a hug when I arrived in town.

You are the best Jacqueline, the most giving person/ agent I have ever met. You really touched my heart for your willingness to help me during this emotional time in my life, which I will never forget. I would highly recommend you to my family, friends or anyone looking for someone who cares with all their heart and likes to make a difference in the lives of others.

Lynn Johnson  






I met Jacqueline Guerra in the fall of 2008 while selling my home in Portola Hills.  At that time I had decided to be the listing agent for my own home since I was a licensed agent, which turned out to be a poor decision on my part as I was inexperienced at best. My property ended up being an expired listing, but Jacqueline called me because her buyer was interested in this area & there were not many homes for sale.  Jacqueline arrived about a half hour early prior to showing the property to her buyer's.  While there she suggested that I declutter counters, etc.  She took her time to help me.  After her clients left she remained and offered me a tremendous amount of advice and help.  The following day I asked Jacqueline if she would act as my listing agent, and I resigned my position. Jacqueline personally came to my property and helped clear out and stage each room to prepare for sale.

Within two days she brought in a strong offer from her buyers and had it sold in one week, which was incredible due to the fact that the market had fallen severely that year. She did such a great job, that we asked her to also represent us with the purchase of our new home, which she successfully did!

A few years later we decided to sell our Temecula property and have hired Jacqueline again, as she is an amazing and professional Realtor. Once again she went far and beyond her line of duty. She created a "To Do List" for each room of the house with items to remove, organize or clean to help prepare for buyer showings to make a first and lasting impression. Jacqueline showed up at my house and personally helped me organize each room, which was very helpful! The house was then ready to show the most finicky of buyer's. Jacqueline did lots of pre-national marketing and within 2-days of placing the property on the market we received multiple offers and successfully went into escrow with a strong buyer.

Jacqueline continued to market and advertise our property to secure back up offers even after receiving strong offers. We successfully secured three back up offers and continued to have many buyers preview the property.  Pricing a little over market value, but not pricing us out of the market.  Jacqueline successfully negotiated a sales price of $2,000 over appraised value.

Jacqueline has a strong knowledge of contracts and created the best price and terms for us, making certain that buyers stick to their contractual obligations and timelines throughout the process. She has a very strong negotiating strength. The buyers got a little flaky a couple times, so Jacqueline created an addendum and had buyers sign that they would forfeit their funds if they cancel due to buyer´s agent & buyer disappearing when a buyer due date came up. It made us feel more secure as we successfully moved forward. 
She continually worked closely with lender and escrow to keep all parties moving forward to meet deadlines. and kept us informed daily by phone and by email of the progress of the transaction.
The sale went forward and went very smoothly. 

I strongly recommend Jacqueline Guerra to represent you for your next Real Estate transaction.  You will get more than you expect with minimum frustration during such a time of stress. Over the years she has also turned out to be a great family friend.

Joyce Dixon Hobman 

39630 Meadow View, Temecula CA 92591 (purchased)

18956 Woodland Way, Portola Hills, CA 92688 (sold)






My elderly father was selling his home out of the area & hired an agent we were not familiar with. Many things this agent said did not make sense to me, but there was not much I can do living so far from my father. I called Jacqueline Guerra & explained the situation. Jacqueline offered advice & mentioned some questions that I should ask the agent, which I did. Later more things happen, but not being familiar with the real estate process I did not know how to make sense of it all. Jacqueline called me to find out status and she offered to call this agent on my families behalf. Jacqueline stayed in close contact with that agent & myself until the entire transaction was completed, making sure that my father was protected & that he got the best price & terms. My family is forever grateful to Jackie. We offered to pay her for her time, but she was happy with just a hug & a sincere thank you from me & my family. 

Williams Family  (El Caserio Tract) RSM  




To whom it may concern                     

Jacqueline Guerra Realtor.          

The decision to hire Jacqueline to represent me with the purchase of my new house

was an obvious one as she had worked with me flawlessly over my past three transactions.

First I must share with you a little about her personality, so you can have a better understanding who Jacqueline is, since she is not your typical Realtor. She is very passionate about helping people, whether it´s with a real estate transaction, to helping people locate their pet, to going to their home to help them paint. You ask and she is there for you like a family member, well like a family member should be. J She has a big heart and will stand by your side and is very protective of her friends and clients with regards to not allowing any one take advantage of them in any way. She keeps up with all the latest real estate laws, rules and regulations and is incredible knowledgeable in assisting her clients with making the best decisions possible.

I, as a nervous buyer, was quite happy with the list price of 132,000 and did not want to ruin the deal by asking for reductions as there were not many properties for sale at this time. However Jacqueline knew the property was not worth the asking price after she carefully researched the current sold comps. She knew that the property was not worth more than 110k and that she could get a better price. After careful negotiation she got the seller´s to agree to a reduced price of 117,000, for now!

Acting under Jacqueline´s instructions I hired an appraiser, even though I felt it was not necessary since I was a cash buyer and no lender was involved. However, Jacqueline knew that if the appraisal came in lower as she stated it would then she could yet again negotiate for the lower appraised value. The appraiser cost me $350, and the appraisal did come in at $109,000 and Jacqueline was able to negotiate with the sellers agent and seller that I didn't want to pay more than the property was worth. The sellers agreed to the appraisal price and I bought my new home for 109k, from the original price of 132k. 

Jacqueline also hired the appropriate vendors, (home inspection etc.) to get the best protection for my purchase, and corrected all the transaction paperwork as mistakes were found from escrow and listing agent.

I would always use Jacqueline for any future transactions, and would highly recommend her to anyone, not just for her amazing real estate skills & attention to details, but because she really cares about her clients. I can now proudly call Jacqueline not just my Realtor, but also my friend. 


Peter Hobman  

28815 Via Zapata Murrieta CA 92503



I first met Jacqueline soon after I moved into my new house. She introduced herself while passing by. I mentioned that I did not receive HOA membership info so she emailed the information to me and sent me a welcome package providing all amenities throughout RSM which I did not receive from my Realtor.

A couple years later I contacted her about my relocation and need to rent out my home. I did not contact the Realtor who assisted me with purchasing my home because I have seen Jacqueline´s signs in our neighborhood on a regular basis and knew of her caring reputation. Quickly after meeting with her, Jacqueline helped me schedule, negotiated and meet with vendors to make my home more leasable. She secured qualified tenants within a couple days not even having to place my property on the market due to having such good relationship with residents in our El Caserio Tract. They moved in the very same day that I moved out. Thanks to her my property didn't remain empty even for a day.

After tenants moved in she took care of tenant calls when something went wrong with property at no extra charge, called in to home warranty and scheduled vendors to take care of problem, always followed up with tenant to confirm they were happy and notified me. She did this to help me since I am now in LA, very unselfishly with no regard to her own schedule.

Jacqueline kept file update at all times, especially when renters insurance was due to expire one month prior would request a current insurance policy. She took care of HOA complaint issues when they would send me a letter about property and resolved all issues.

The way she supports, advises and has helped is like she is protecting her own house. I would highly recommend Jacqueline Guerra to anyone looking for a very committed and knowledgeable Realtor who really cares about her clients and their properties. 

Jacqueline you're amazing. Wow. Did any body ever tell you it is a blessing Knowing you :) 

Fazel Farahmand   

17 La Cueve, RSM  (El Caserio Tract) 






I was referred to Jacqueline from a neighbor stating that she helps those in need. Long story short a family member tried to sell my home without my knowledge. I called Jacqueline & she assisted me with contacting attorneys and APS that protects seniors which I was not familiar with. She came to my home and provided lots of helpful information and never asked for anything in return. It´s rare these days to meet people who will help without expecting anything in return. She has a really caring heart.  

Miss Turner  (El Caserio Tract) RSM          



It has been the best transition from the date that we finally decided to sell our home to the date we moved to our new home with the help from Jacqueline Guerra!


We met with Jacqueline in hope to solicit leasing & selling options for our property. Jacqueline organized a comprehensive analysis for our review with all our options. We made a decision to sell and buy closer to the ocean. However, Jacqueline pointed out to us, since prices are still going down, it would be best to sale now at the higher price, and wait to purchase since prices will continue to go down until 2012. We were impressed with her knowledge of the real estate market and fair assessment of our options.


She could have easily told us to buy now for the commission, but suggested hold off & lease. I appreciate honesty, especially in these hard times. Everything after we met had been a speedy, well organized, and successful process each step of the way.


We have highlighted Jacqueline´s accomplishments with the sell of our house:        

·         National marketing strategically though the internet, and conventional ways with less than 2 weeks of our confirmation of selling.     

·         Prepared and staged our house into an upscale living space.

·         Received multiple offers & secured a strong offer in just 10-days. Current statistics for days on market are 120-days. Since prices are going down fast this allowed us a higher sale price.

·         Strong negotiation skills, we listed at 420k, to receive a 410k price, close to market value. However when she received calls she would encourage agents to start at list price. Once we received at list price, she negotiated over list price, final sale price was 435k.

·         Executed a very strong counter to our offer, to protect our best interest and terms in our favor.

·         Reviewed all financial documents diligently from the buyers prior to opening escrow to ensure a successful close of escrow.

·         Monitored every aspect of the escrow process & all documents to ensure accuracy, prior to moving forward or having us sign anything. 
*Assisted in securing a new place to live & viewed contracts for us.


Jacqueline´s dedication to assure our wellness emotionally & financially was beyond our expectations. We are blessed to work with a professional, passionate, enthusiastic & innovative realtor as Jacqueline. She cares & pays careful attention to details. She protects her clients as if they are her family.


We celebrated the sale of the house with Jacqueline and our family at a BBQ that she organized at her home. She created a beautiful memory book for us which detailed every single moment from our first phone call to the date that we moved into our new home. We will definitely work with Jacqueline again at our next endeavor and we are highly recommending Jacqueline to help with any real needs.

Jacqueline!! I can´t say enough THANKS. I had came across few realtors in the past and you are most attentive,  easy to work with, and motivate professional I ever get to know.

Thanks Jacqueline for your dedication and hard work! 

Tony Vo & Kimmy Cheung     1 La Cueva,  RSM  (El Caserio)  

"The family choose Modjeska Animal Rescue for their Pay It Forward Program donation, where Jacqueline Guerra donates a percentage of her commission from the sale of the clients home. This donation was placed in honor of the Cheung & Vo family name."



We met Jacqueline Guerra while she was passing out her neighborhood newsletter. We often saw her signs go up on our street and in our neighborhood and later became friends. When it was time to sell our property we thought of Jacqueline because we trusted her and she was very familiar with the neighborhood.

She created a sellers guide with very detailed info, statists and comps. She took the time to explain all that was involved with a short sale. We were told it was going to be a long drawn out process, but had to move forward.

When we first listed our property we received a few offers due to Jacqueline´s strong advertising and marketing. Then the waiting game began, for the short sale approval. Soon after Jacqueline received five denial notices, and continued to speak with many supervisors and managers. She was confused as to why our loan was denied because it usually follows a certain procedure which my bank skipped and just denied us. Jacqueline researched why they would not accept our short sale and learned about the "Shared Loss Agreement" that the government has with our mortgage company, which basically means in laymen´s terms that our mortgage company makes more money if they do not work out a loan modification or accept short sales. Once Jacqueline found out about this she investigated it further and discussed it with us.

She asked our permission to let our mortgage lender know about our knowledge of this "Shared Loss Agreement" by emailing them a copy of this 34 page agreement in addition to mentioning a law suite and that she would release knowledge of our situation to the media. In less then 24 hrs Jacqueline received two emails back, one from the negotiator and another from their supervisor stating they were willing to put our short sale thru again to try for an approval with no promise.

They continued to try to discourage both Jacqueline and our family with ridicules requests. Jacqueline continued to advise them of a lawsuit, and each time they would drop their requests. To our surprise our bank did submit a short sale approval however it was not a good one. Once again trying to discourage us with an short sale approval requesting a price over market value and thousands of dollars from us to pay out of pocket in order to close.

Jacqueline sent them current closed comps with market data for our city to show them that what they were asking for was not acceptable. Jacqueline´s persistence, and determination got them to allow us to relist to obtain a new buyer, and drop the price to true market value. She had to quickly obtain a new qualified buyer in only 5-days, and to our surprise she successfully did just that by doing open houses, contacting all parties in the past that previewed and extensive advertising and national marketing. Jacqueline submitted the negotiator weekly comps, as it showed the market continued to drop and requested a new bank appraisal report. Once we received another qualified buyer Jacqueline was able to negotiate the unthinkable, a new approval letter with us not having to pay any money to close and most importantly, banks usually keep an open door that allows them to come after you for the difference. However, Jacqueline negotiated that they put in writing on our approval lettet that we would be released from both liens and they agreed to report both liens paid in full to save our credit.

Everything Jacqueline Guerra promised she delivered and much more. She always sent us weekly updates. She knows her industry very well, and does what it takes to get the job done, even if it means working countless hours. I don´t wish anyone to have to experience the short sale process, but if you are going to travel this road, I highly recommend that you hire Jacqueline who is a short sale expert and equally important, she will fight for your rights. Jacqueline could of easily excepted the many denials we received and gone to foreclose, but she believed in us and never took no for an answer. Therefore, today we can move on to our next chapter of our lives with the ease of knowing that this process is all put behind us, our credit will still be good and we will not owe our bank anything .

Thank you Jacqueline for fighting this long drawn out fight for our family.

Hamilton Family    

11 Los Abitos (El Caserio Tract) 






26 Desert Thorn, RSM CA 92688






26 Desert Thorn, RSM CA 92688






36 Via Joaquin RSM, CA 92688




36 Via Joaquin RSM, CA 92688




We asked and you certainly delivered! We hired you to do the impossible, to sell our house in a two-week period for the highest price, and you sold it in only one day. I was impressed with your intense marketing and advertising programs, how you generated so much interest in our home, in such a short time, creating multiple offers, eight in total, and sold it at the highest market value. You certainly over delivered and exceeded all our expectations. 

I have witnessed you selling many homes in our El Caserio neighborhood and we spoke a few times before. I called to tell you my situation and ask your advice regarding my options. You made a list of all my options, but I was not able to accomplish them. However, I appreciated your willingness to provide all data with your lender and escrow to make sense of it all.

When I hired you to then sell my home, I shared with you why we needed to sell in a timely manner and what our goals were. You took this to heart and covered all task from a-z very quickly. You started with previewing our home, to create a list of items in order to get the house ready for sell. By the time we were done with all the tasks, our home looked so beautiful, we loved all your suggestions. The best part was having to spend very little money, because you supplied us with your staging items at no cost. It was all worth it, in order to get the most money for our home! 

You always took the time to explain in detail each process, which we appreciated. Your creative ways to save our family money was great, such as placing the back fence "sold as is" so we did not have to make any repairs, which would have cost lots of money. 

You also got creative with our lease back. In this market, it´s easier to sell, then it is to purchase, so you structured and negotiated a two-month lease back, which allowed us to stay in our home while we found our new home to purchase.

You are a very hard worker. Even after entering escrow, you continued with open houses, marketing, and advertising. I said it was not necessary, but you stated the importance of having back up offers just incase the buyer´s canceled. You ended up obtaining, multiple offers´, and several secured back up offers. It´s clear to me and everyone around, that you love what you do, and that you´re very protective over your clients.

Equally important, you gave me your time! This was a difficult time for our family and there were times when I needed to talk, and you were always willing to sit with me, listen, and help me thru this. I remembered one time I called upset over a personal situation, you dropped what you were doing and said lets me at the restaurant. We met and spoke until it closed, and shared lots of laughs. Many times, after the open houses you would sit and speak with me, until my smile came back. At the start of this process, I knew you as my Realtor, but during this process, you became my friend.

As my Realtor and friend, I would highly recommend you to anyone looking for a hard working, professional Realtor that truly knows the industry inside and out. A Realtor who really cares about the best interest of others. Your honesty and integrity are certainly needed, when others are placing their trust in you, which is what you gave my family.  

You are now assisting us with the purchase of our new home, and I thank you for all that you have done for my family and me. 

Jaime Madrigal 
17 Los Picos  
El Caserio RSM Resident





Jacqueline, I love it!  You are part of the few.  It´s sad that I actually said to my clients, "well she could be holding it open like a good agent every weekend until it closes escrow but it´s unlikely since most agents hold one or two open houses get an offer and never hold it open again3;" sorry to have doubted you. I think it's amazing that you continue to have open houses for all your clients even after opening escrow to secure a successful closing.

Good luck!

Jeff Miller
President, Broker of Record
Truss Financial Group, LLC
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P: 949-625-2577
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Jacqueline is the local area specialist, and number one Realtor in our El Caserio Tract. For years, I have witnessed her sell many homes in our tract. I have seen many benefits of using her services, she has always been able to get higher prices than other real estate agents have and her properties move fast. Since she is very familiar with our El Caserio homes, and understands the negatives of each model, she is able to turn each negative into a positives. She really takes the time to work with her clients, and makes a list of items that need to be completed in order to showcase a particular model, since they are all different. This was accomplished prior to showing to the public, with very little money and she uses her own staging items, which saved me money. She only hires a top-notch photographer that makes every house look amazing for her advertising and marketing. 

Jacqueline negotiated with a strong buyer and their agent to purchase my home "as is" which is not common with a regular sale, but allowed me to save thousands of dollars. You typically only see this done with bank owned properties. However, since she has sold many other listing in El Caserio, she has the advantage of accessing privy info and appraisal reports used for negotiating purposes.

She not only took the time to have escrow, and title check for any red flags with my home prior to listing, but she was incredible detailed with offers, making sure the buyers were truly qualified so my property would not get tied up or fall out of escrow. Most agents will accept a preapproval letter. Not Jacqueline, she liked to know how their lender approved the buyer, what financial docs the lender has verified and will go as far as requesting that the underwriter view the file for red flags. She also requested bank statements, full credit reports, online approval, and rate lock agreements, all upfront to submit to the lender she works with to also view for red flags. A little more thorough then most agents, but because of her detailed work prior to escrow, her listings do not fall out of escrow and she is able to secure only the most qualified buyer.  

I do have to say on a personal note, before I ever decided to list with her, about a year prior she was always willing to advise and view documentation for me regarding a loan modification. 

Jacqueline´s advertising and marketing supersedes other agents, which always had buyers coming to see my property. I am happy to say we were in escrow by our 13th day of listing and successfully closed on time! I would highly recommend Jacqueline Guerra for any of your real estate needs, if you are looking for an agent who cares, that will work tirelessly to get you the best price, terms, qualified buyer and a quick sale. 

Jacqueline is my Realtor, but we also became friends during the process because she really cares about her clients, their individual situations and does what she can to make a situation better. 

Cheryl Jaynes  
34 Via Zapador
El Caserio Resident



Where can I start? I have worked closely with Realtors for more than fifteen years as an office Administrator to several Real Estate companies, all large and very well known.  I have worked with some of the best in the industry, and in fact hold a license of my own.

We decided to sell our home so that we could move to Temecula and be near my daughter and family.  It was an emotional decision but a necessary one.  I listed my home as myself being the Realtor.  I had no idea what a difficult job it would be, as I´ve always been on the other side and never uses my license as a profession.  Well, along came Jacqueline with some very nice people to view my home.  Jacqueline arrived ahead of them and immediately gave me some staging advice.  I pride myself on my decorating talents but swallowed that pride and went with Jacqueline´s very sound suggestions.  The family seemed to like our home and I was certain they would be our buyers.  Instead, they had Jacqueline show other homes in different locations.  I believe they made three or four separate visits to our home before making their decision.  In the meantime I let my listing expire and decided to wait to sell.  Now, along comes Jacqueline again, same buyers.  She presented the offer and I then asked her if she would also represent us on the selling side.  I couldn´t have made a more favorable decision and I believe the buyer´s would feel the same, as she represented them as fairly as she did us. 

The sale of our home and the purchase of our new home were both very smooth transactions.  Jacqueline showed her prowess at her profession as the professional that she truly is.  Certainly there were a couple of rough spots for us, but they were just a part of this business and of fragile nerves.  Overall it was an amazing ordeal, to say the least.  If my memory serves me correctly the house we sold was in escrow only 13 days, we rented back for a month, bought during that time and had about a 20 day escrow with our new home. 

On move in day I was stunned at the trouble she had gone through to surprise and welcome us to our new home with a key ceremony.  My daughters and their families were there to help celebrate.  Jacqueline put on an elaborate spread in our new beautiful kitchen.  She also created a beautiful memory book with photos of our home we sold, our new home and photos we took along the way throughout the process. To our surprise there was yet another amazing gift, she donated 500.00 from her commission to a non profit of our choice, in our family name, it was incredible heart felt. But along with this she held our hands throughout the entire process of buying and selling.  We have become forever friends with her. 

May I return to the beginning of my letter where I stated "I have worked with some of the best in the Industry"? With that being said I still chose Jacqueline to represent us over Realtors I have known and worked with for years.  I will recommend Jacqueline to anyone who intends to sell or begin house hunting.  On a professional level she gets the job done.  She´s a delight.

Joyce Hobman  

18956 Woodland Way, Portola Hills CA 92688

"The Hobman family choose Modjeska Animal Rescue for their Pay It Forward Program donation, where Jacqueline Guerra donates a percentage of her commission from the sale of the clients home. This donation was placed in honor of the Hobman family name."










We first met Jacqueline at an open house in RSM. We spoke for quite some time that afternoon and were truly amazed with her knowledge, professionalism and genuine sincerity. She made an immediate impression on us!

We had relocated from the Midwest earlier in the year and were leasing a condo in Lake Forest. Our lease was coming due and we really wanted to take advantage of the current real estate market and record low interest rates and purchase a home in OC. At the time, we were considering RSM but didn´t know much about the area. So Jacqueline took the time after the open house to show our family RSM lake and beach club, as well as a couple of communities she thought might be of interest to us.

We never would have thought that just over 3 months later Jacqueline would be handing us the keys to our beautiful new home in Portola Hills!

As we began our search, Jacqueline took the time to walk us through the entire buying process, which we greatly appreciated since it is much different then we were used to and educated us on the real estate market in this area. She also pointed out the good and bad resale value items of each home previewed3;things buyers typically do not even stop to consider and certainly something most realtors don´t bother to mention! We appreciated her honesty and personalized attention. She really made us feel as though we were her only clients.

Along the way, Jacqueline was truly a pleasure to work with and never ceased to amaze us. We changed our minds a few times from OC to Riverside and spent many weekends looking at properties in both areas. However, she was always very patient and never made us feel uncomfortable about changing our minds. She also made it a fun experience for our children. In the fact, the kids really miss not seeing her anymore on the weekends and getting their goody bags!

We were probably most impressed with her thoroughness and attention to detail. She painstakingly researched listings during the week that met all of our criteria in order to maximize our time when previewing properties on the weekend. She also provided us with more information than the Chamber of Commerce on each city we were considering including schools, which she knew was very important to us. In addition, she provided us with updated spreadsheets summarizing the pros and cons of each property previewed.

Jacqueline also referred us to an awesome, honest lender who always provided us with accurate good faith estimates on any and all properties we were considering. Jacqueline also reviewed these documents for accuracy. Like Jacqueline, he was always friendly, thorough, professional, ethical and very, very prompt! We also had a specific price limit in mind that we did not feel comfortable exceeding and both Jacqueline and the lender made sure we always stayed within our price range. She even put us in touch with a CPA to answer some questions we had regarding our rate and whether it made sense to pay an additional point. Yet another example of how Jacqueline truly cares about her clients and not just a commission check and always puts their best interests first.

Jacqueline also negotiated a price $35,000 under market value, as well as new carpet, painting and furnace! She also negotiated a one month lease back to the sellers to prevent us from having to make a double payment one month for mortgage and lease and arranged for the house to be professionally cleaned. In addition, she took the time to carefully review our current lease agreement.

She also made sure termite, home inspection and appraisal were all done in a very timely manner to ensure a two week close. She even took the time to meet us at the house for the home inspection and thoroughly reviewed all of the items the seller disclosed with us.

In addition, she provided excellent service after the closing. She hired all contractors for our new house including furnace, carpet and painter and negotiated unbelievable prices and terms on our behalf. She also took the time to research these companies (license, insurance, bond, rating, etc.) to ensure we got the best possible pricing and service.

The icing on the cake was the key ceremony on our first official day as a California home owner along with the memory book that we will cherish forever. We are also honored that Jacqueline donated $500 of her commission in our name to Modjeska Animal Rescue as part of her Pay it Forward program.

To this day, we are so thankful we decided to stop by Jacqueline´s open house! Again, she was an absolute pleasure to work with and made purchasing a home a very enjoyable and memorable experience. We look forward to having her over to our new home in the near future for dinner not as our realtor but as our friend!

Thanks again for everything, Jacqueline!!!

Jeff and Janis Leber

Dear Jacqueline, Thank you for everything. You were great helping us find a house. Thank you for the snacks you gave us as well. I will miss seeing you and cannot wait to see you again.

Sincerely. Leber Family

18956 Woodland Way, Portola Hills CA

"The Leber family choose Modjeska Animal Rescue for their Pay It Forward Program donation, where Jacqueline Guerra donates a percentage of her commission from the sale of the clients home. This donation was placed in honor of the Leber family name."




To whom it may concern.

From the moment I met Jacqueline Guerra I knew I was dealing with a professional person, well versed in the business of real estate. As the buyers agent she came to our house before her client and presented the house in a way that it would best be shown.

My wife holds her real estate license and we were going to list and sell our house ourselves, and buy the new house ourselves, however that plan changed quickly, when we saw that there are agents, and then there are "AGENTS".

Jacqueline brought us an offer from the buyers she was representing. During this time, my wife and I really liked her professionalism, her negotiating skills and her in-depth knowledge of her profession. At that moment we asked her to also represent us as well as our listing agent and hire her as our buyer´s agent. She was even able to negotiate a lease back for us to give us more time to find our new place.

As the deals went down, we found Jacqueline to be very honest, and fully involved during the entire process, always accessible, and had a natural way of easing our anxieties, and holding our hands during this stressful period.

When it was our turn to buy, Jacqueline sent us great research data on the properties we were interested in, established what we liked or disliked about each place, and cut our search time in half by showing only suitable houses.

She negotiated cash back, found us insurance vendors, house cleaners, termite guys, and home inspectors, in fact all the trades people we needed to make everything happen.

To top things off, when we moved in, she was there complete with reception party, food for us and the movers, and a memorabilia photo album, showing the old, the new, and the pay it forward foundation donation where she donated a part of her commission to a charity of our choice, that is so dear to her heart.

I am now, and always will be, her greatest fan!


Peter R Hobman

39630 Meadow view, Temecula CA 

"The Hobman family choose Modjeska Animal Rescue for their Pay It Forward Program donation, where Jacqueline Guerra donates a percentage of her commission from the sale of the clients home. This donation was placed in honor of the Hobman family name."






My wife and I were well aware that housing prices were dropping fast in our area.  We needed to sell fast but didn´t know what we could get for our house that would help it sell within our timeline.  We knew we needed a "pitbull" to aggressively sell our home.  When we met Jacqueline for the first time, she understood our particular conditions of sale and could customize her marketing strategy to meet those demands.

We interviewed Jacqueline on a Thursday and hired her the next day.  She immediately gave us tips on how to stage our home and coordinated contractors to clean the house and carpets that weekend.  Jacqueline made it clear that as hard as she worked, we would need to work hard, too.  We staged our house per her suggestions and she had professional photos (with a virtual tour) taken by Monday.  Flyers and ads were produced immediately and we listed by Wednesday night. On Thursday we had five viewings with an offer placed that night.  That´s only 6 days!  However, we declined knowing that the excitement generated so early would only lead to better offers (which it eventually did).  We had multiple open houses that generated traffic by the dozens.  Buyers and agents visited the home daily.  We learned so much from Jacqueline´s home-staging expertise.

It didn´t stop there.  Jacqueline worked just as hard to sell our home even after we accepted an offer in order to secure a solid backup offer.  She even offered to hold an open house in an attempt to obtain a second backup offer even after contingencies were removed from the first offer!  Talk about covering all your bases and then some!

The downslide of today´s housing market made selling very difficult and not without challenges or stressful predicaments.  Many times I wanted to walk away form the whole ordeal.  Jacqueline did not sugar-coat these situations in order for us to feel better just to keep us listed.  Instead she constantly provided us updated market information when it was important to our sale which allowed us to make critical decisions along the way.

Because of her knowledge of the El Caserio area and the marketing skills she possesses to make your house sell, our house was sold whereas comparable properties still remain on the market in our area and now have lowered their list prices well below where we closed. 

Jacqueline is also well-connected with contractors in the area to give you fast service at prices that she negotiates for your benefit should you need them before, during, or even after escrow (cleaners, inspectors, termite services, roofers, plumbing, you name it).  Although I may never move again, I will likely use Jacqueline to continue to find qualified and fairly priced contract services in the area.

Jacqueline sold our house fast, at a price that we found acceptable without staying on the market for months on end.  We gave her a challenge in a challenging market and she got the job done.

Ramon and Cindy Dimalanta
24 La Cueva
El Caserio RSM Resident 

"The Dimalanta family choose Orangewood Childrens Hospital for their Pay It Forward Program donation, where Jacqueline Guerra donates a percentage of her commission from the sale of the clients home. This donation was placed in honor of the Dimalanta's family name."







April 29, that´s the first day Jacqueline came to our door.  My husband, daughter and I were renting a house in El Caserio.  My husband spoke with Jacqueline about our plans to purchase a house at the end of our lease, but we wanted to start looking in October.   She asked questions, took notes and inquired about our plans.  It was  a kind, simple conversation that made you feel like you were talking to a friend who was concerned about your needs.

I first met Jacqueline a little while later.  I was in my garage working on my motorcycle.  Jacqueline approached me, introduced herself and inquired about my bike. She then informed me that she, herself, rode, and, in fact, owned a limited edition Indian.   Beautiful, ex-Raiderette,  independent woman who rode a bike...that was it.  This was the realtor for me.

For the next nine months Jacqueline would prove herself time and time again.  Her research and attention to detail kept us in the know and always ready to make the right decision.  She was patient, and always  made herself available to us 24 hours a day.   We probably saw over sixty homes and put in offers on five.  (Four of the five offers were accepted.)  Her negotiation strength and ability always there to make sure our offers were taken seriously.   It was  for our own needs and reasons that we pulled out of three of the offers, which she understood, and was right there  backing all our decisions every step of the way.

As a first-time  home buyer I can´t tell you how important it is to have someone on your side always ready to fight for you, always ready to answer your questions, and always there to pick you up when you fall.  This has been a long arduous journey, one that has led to heartache, pain and tears, but always has Jacqueline been there to pick us up and dust us off.  

There´s so much I want to say.  So much I want to express about how important Jacqueline has been to us, but certain things come to mind that I really want to share.  Things like when escrow really screwed up and lost our rate lock by not filing our documents, Jacqueline´s response:  "Let me  worry about it.  That´s my job. You go have a great weekend."   Or fronting a third of the bill  to keep our rate lock in place.

Jacqueline, her lender Dave Gaylord, and everyone she works with, the home inspector, contractor -- she surrounds herself with amazing people who have your best interest in heart.   In the end, I couldn´t have gone through this process with anyone else other than Jacqueline.   For so much I am grateful for this amazing human being who walked into my life on one sunny spring afternoon.   Thank you, Jacqueline for all you have done.  Without you none of this would be possible.  

Your friend -- and motorcycle chic -- Jodi Monroe
135 Mira Mesa, RSM CA 92688

Jacqueline, Thank you so much for all you have done. We were completely overwhelmed tonight. We can't express all the gratitude we feel towards you, and all that you have done for us. You are truly amazing and we are so pleased that we got to experience out first home buying with you!! We'll see you soon, Kurt, Jodi and Shelby :)






Where to begin...I have nothing but praise for you Jacqueline! (with the exception of the incident when you saw a bear and said "A Koala bear! They are my favorite!" When actually it was a Panda bear. Even little Ryan knew the difference. That was just sad. :)

   This whole journey began back in October of 07' when we listed our home in RSM, which with your expertise in marketing and staging the property, sold effortlessly in under 30 days...before the market declined even further.

   After selling our Condo, you went above and beyond your duties as a Realtor to help us find a property to rent while we looked for our dream home. All we had to do was sign the lease and move in, since you took care of all the paperwork. I can't even remember how many times you had the lease extended for us as our 3 month lease turned into 7 months!    

   Even while you were on a much deserved vacation on the other side of the globe, we were never out of touch with you. You even went so far as to line up another Agent to show us properties if we wanted to view any while you were away. Take a break already lady!

   Your attention to detail is amazing! You were constantly researching data to support all offers that we made, and did not leave one stone unturned. I always found it amusing when you knew more about the properties we viewed than the selling agents did. That just shows that you really do care about your clients and truly have their best interests in mind. The spread sheet was an awesome tool  in helping us keep track of all of the properties...and there were many!

   After an offer was accepted and we went into escrow, once again you took care of every last detail...always keeping us updated by emailing, calling and posting online status. You kept everyone on track with time lines, making sure everyone did their job and that we did not have to pay per diem cost due to missed deadlines.

    You even went so far as to find and schedule house and carpet cleaners for us, taking yet another thing off my to-do list. I can't tell you how nice it was to arrive at the freshly cleaned house...and to find you in a kitchen full of food, drinks, many personal gifts and happiness! Your Key Ceremony was wonderful and will be remembered as our first celebration in our Dream home. Thank you also for coming back to our new home a couple days after closing escrow, to help us move!

   Before I finish I must commend you on the Pay it Forward program. The $500 charity donation to CHOC Hospital was very generous. Our family was very touched by the tour we took with you through the hospital. Your acts of kindness will inspire others to follow in your footsteps. Keep it up!

   We are very fortunate to have had you on our team as our Realtor throughout the process of selling our Condo and finally finding and purchasing our new beautiful home. We are looking forward to spending time with you on a more personal our friend! You know where we live, so no excuses! See you this weekend! (The neighbor across the street is looking to relocate to Dove Canyon. We gave her your name and told her that you would be here on Sunday and that she should stop by.)

Thank you Jacqueline!!!

Tera, Jeremy and Ryan Vosika

Riley Cat too!
3264 Quartz, Corona, CA 92882 (purchased)

"The Vosika family choose Choc Hospital (Childrens Hospital) for their Pay It Forward Program donation, where Jacqueline Guerra donates a percentage of her commission from the sale of the clients home. This donation was placed in honor of the Vosika family's name."









My husband and I were keeping our eyes open on the current house market and we would drive around on the weekends just to look, without a bossy realtor telling us what they liked and what they thought would best suit our needs.

When we found Jacqueline´s flyers we started to do some research on who she was and what she can do for us.

The following day we called and pretty much asked her if she would be able to work with us, and she agreed which we were super excited. The following weekend we started to look for homes and in the process she would always ask about every home what we liked and what we didn't was a bit of shock, the first time we bought a house the realtor always let us know what she did or didn't like(I didn't know she was going to live with us).

Jacqueline always made all of us feel comfortable in letting her know exactly what we wanted in a home, my daughter also put her two sense in and Jacqueline also listened to what she had to say.

Jacqueline was always on our side, making sure our rate was locked, lenders fees stayed the same, all our papers were signed, and looked over ever piece of paper we signed thoroughly not only helped us in finding our home she also educated us (sometimes having to repeat herself, but always patient).Jacqueline was always available to answer any questions we had for her big or small.

My husband and I are very lucky and grateful to have found a Realtor(friend) that went over and beyond. Her knowledge, patience, dedication, passion, kind and loving heart found us our HOME. Any realtor can find and sell you a house but it takes a Special Realtor to find you a HOME.

Rita Piceno and Princess Julissa

Jacqueline, it has been an awesome experience to have such a great Realtor who understands us and not only thinks about the now questions but also the later questions and the what if's. Your help and kindness to our family is very much appreciated, we are very lucky to have found you!  

Daniel Lopez 

We both thank you for the way you surprised us with the key ceremony, house full of balloons, yummy food and drinks, the special “castle cake” and Princess crowns to make our little princess feel so special. You took photos of the entire process even our first time as a family open the door as the new owners. It does not matter if a house is big or small you make all your clients feel so special from beginning to the end. Any person you work with is lucky to have you!

Lots of Love, Daniel, Rita and Princess Julissa

10430 Scripps Way

Stanton, CA 90680





Hello my dear,

From the first time I met Jacqueline and saw her warm friendly smile, I felt a strong desire to get to know her on a deeper level.  She quickly became a friend to my family and when we decided to sell our home, we knew instantly we wanted and needed her to be our realtor.  Her consistent professionalism, commitment to quality, detail to follow up and ability to continually keep her eye on the goal is unheard of in today's world.  Jacqueline backs up what she says with documentation and research and has demonstrated a collaborative partnership with us every step of the way.  She leaves no stone unturned if we had questions or concerns and her effective and timely communication always kept us "in the know".  

What I also appreciate about Jacqueline is her continued ability to set realistic expectations along the process, which, I must say, has been an emotional roller coaster.  In today's market, where homes aren't selling quite so quickly, Jacqueline sold our home in an unbelievably short amount of time because of her outstanding marketing, home staging and real estate experience. 

In only three days we received three offers, we choose the most qualified to enter escrow with and eleven days later the buyer had personal problems and canceled escrow. Rather then rushing to us with the bad news, Jacqueline chose to place our property back on the market within hours and target all agents who had been interested prior. She resubmitted all online and offline ads, within less then 24hr she had us back in escrow, closing on the same date as we had originally planed. When she met us the next day to tell us about the canceled escrow she immediately followed with the good news about our new escrow. She prides herself on filtering out bad news for her clients when possible to eliminate more stress and does a great job in doing so.

Without a doubt, Jacqueline has been our "golden ticket" and you'd want her on your real estate transaction team to guarantee a successful and smooth closing!

Thank you from the bottom of my heart for all you've done for my family Jacqueline!


DeAnn Bentley
22 Via Zapador RSM, CA 92688




If you're looking for a realtor, here is what I can tell you about Jacqueline.  Her skills in staging, marketing, and pricing homes are exceptional!  In a market where the average home sits for 6 to 71/2 months, she had offers on our home on day 3, 4, and 5.  Three offers, WOW!! She explained each offer carefully concentrating on opening escrow with the most qualified buyer, while making sure we had the best terms and price for our home. I would also warn you that selling and staging a home are emotional, but worth the efforts she ask of you.  As I listened to her request for staging, I sometimes had to sit on it for 24 hours, but after complying, always saw the result.  In addition, she took care of scheduling any appointments we needed to get the house up to par, and negotiated with vendors to save us money. She even watched our pets for us, what realtor have you ever heard of that does that?  If you need a realtor, I would highly recommend Jacqueline Guerra.

Thank you so very much for all you've done!


Brian L. Bentley

22 Via Zapador RSM CA 92688



As being a first time homebuyer, Jacqueline did an outstanding job in guiding me through the entire homeownership process. In today´s uncertain real estate market, Jacqueline´s successful plan was effectively built on hard work, determination, and brains. She always had my best interest in mind. From getting pre-approved, to house hunting, to opening and closing escrow, her knowledge and understanding made purchasing a home a wonderful learning experience. She quickly understood my budget and was determined to get me the best deal. What surprised me the most about her, was her ability to multitask and work well with lenders, escrow, listing agents, home inspectors, and a host of many others. These intangibles are instrumental in getting the job done right and on time. Her grit coupled with her cool and collective demeanor makes her an excellent real estate agent. But most importantly her warmth and caring heart that turned her into my new friend. Thanks for the great house warming party for me and my family.

Thanks Jacqueline!!

Juan Lechuga

2 Andarrios #9 RSM, CA 92688

"Juan Lechuga family choose Choc Hospital (Children´s Hospital) for their Pay It Forward Program donation, where Jacqueline Guerra donates a percentage of her commission from the purchase of the clients new home. This donation was placed in honor of the Juan Lechuga family's name."


Thanks to you Jacqueline we had a successful closing.  You are very good at what you do.  I wish all my transactions involved people of your caliber!


Jason Vaughn

 Windsor Capital





Jacqueline, I had to write and tell you that your marketing is a whizz-bang. Never in the six years I've been a Realtor have I ever seen anything like it. I was wondering if Hobbs Herder helped set you up Or did you do this all yourself. If I weren't a Realtor already, I'd hire you!!

Kaye Young

Tarbell, Realtors







You definitely have it figured out - it's about the people, not the houses! Tera and I have truly felt how much you care about us. Our goal was to sell our house to move up to a larger home taking advantage of this declining market. Thank you so much for all the hard work you put in on the sale of our home, you had it sold in only 22 days in a fast declining market. It was our first home and our first time as a seller. Your experience, knowledge, and personality made it much easier than we had thought it would be. You convinced us to rent after the sale, while housing prices continued to decline so we can purchase more for our money. We were hesitant, but took your advice and glad we did. Prices continued to decline as you said they would, as each month passed we were able to keep more money in our pocket and purchase a much larger home. 

Thanks for donating to the Choc Hospital in honor of our family's name. Your Pay It Forward Program is wonderful allowing your clients to be a part of your donation program.  

Thanks Again,

Jeremy, Tera, And Ryan Vosika

134 Morning Glory, RSM CA 92688

"The Vosika family choose Choc Hospital (Childrens Hospital) for their Pay It Forward Program donation, where Jacqueline Guerra donates a percentage of her commission from the sale of the clients home. This donation was placed in honor of the Vosika family's name."





My wife, Laura, and I found Jacqueline to be the hardest working real estate agent we had ever met.  Even in a poor seller's market, she was able to obtain our first offer in four days when the average property in our area was listed for 7 1/2 months.  We initially asked her how to stage our home to make it more presentable for sale and we agreed with all of her suggestions.  She lined up all of the contractors, negotiated prices and had them complete work in a timely manner.  She worked diligently to save us as much money as she could. Daily contact with her allowed us to remain in the loop with everything going on. Even though the market was declining almost weekly as the home was being prepared for sale, the price range that she suggested held true to form and we received a final offer for the price that we hoped to.  We were ecstatic!  Jacqueline knows the El Caserio track and the Rancho Santa Margarita market better than any other agent out there.  If you want to sell your house quickly and not have it sit on the market month after month, give her a call!  Her marketing and advertising skills are unmatched. Thanks for everything, Jacqueline!

-Kevin McGrath and Laura Ransom 

25 Via Joaquin, RSM CA 92688






It was a great pleasure working with you on the Quartz transaction. During the time of our transaction, I had so many different files going at once that I often forget to work on the Quartz file. However, you continuously kept the transaction moving forward by doing both the listing and buying side paper work.  I usually never have to rely on the other agent to do my job, but given the circumstances, it happened. You did a successful job I might add. Your hard work ethic and ability to make sure all deadlines were met helped in making our transaction a very smooth and successful one. Given the statistics that 50% of all escrows fall out for one reason or another, your buyers were smart to have you represent them in making sure that their escrow continuously moved forward and closed. I commend you for your professionalism and the ability to meet all deadlines even though you yourself were dealing with many transactions at the same time.

Sheree Goulet, Century 21 Home Realtors










I can't even begin to tell you what a pleasure it has been working with you in the sale of my home. I was completely astounded at the depth of research you did in setting the retail price and getting top dollar for my property. Your marketing and negotiating skills in achieving this goal far exceeded any expectations that I had. In today´s market, I can honestly say that I was stunned to have not only one solid offer, but three in only five days.

Moving is always such a stressful situation, but you made it so much easier with your easy going personality, honesty, professionalism and competitive negotiating skills. You were very sensitive to our personal situation at all times! You were very caring from taking the time to come to our house to help paint, to bringing your own staging items to help with the look and feel of our home. You put together great brochures unlike I have ever seen in the real estate industry that sure received lots of attention. I know it was difficult to persuade me to change things around my house to get it ready for sale, but finally I listen and was pleasantly surprised in how great my property looked after seeing the final outcome.

In regards to the purchase of my new home I know that I had a pretty complicated criteria, but I love my new home and appreciate your enthusiasm in helping me find exactly what I was looking for and getting it for a great price - well under market value! The whole experience was made so much easier in the fact that you were able to negotiate such a fast escrow. I also thank you for the amazing key ceremony you gave me as my first time walking into the property as a new owner. The food, candles, balloons, cake and all that you put into it was truly appreciated.

Jacqueline surprised us at the end of the transaction by donating a percentage of her commission from our closed escrow, to a non-profit organization of my choice and in my name. What an honor and an unforgettable gift!

Thank you so much for all of your hard work and for your caring heart for always wanting to make a difference in the lives of others.


Kathy L. Paterniti

40 Viaggio Lane, Foothill Ranch, CA 92610 (Sold)

64 Seacountry, RSM (Purchase)

"The Paterniti family choose Safe Place (a safe place for sexually abused women) for their Pay It Forward Program donation, where Jacqueline Guerra donates a percentage of her commission from the sale of the clients home. This donation was placed in honor of the Paterniti family's name."





Frank Yan

6 Firethorn RSM







Rad Radomir

7 Los Abitos RSM






Chester and Sofica Olaires

13 Snowberry RSM




18 Toas, Rancho Santa Margarita







Diana Boone

20 Pasada Valiente, Rancho Santa Margarita





  Rod Murray

13 Los Abitos, Rancho Santa Margarita




















29 Pasada Valiente, Rancho Santa Margarita

























I will never be able to thank you enough for making my first home buying experience so memorable and so amazing. You went above and beyond what I or anyone would have expected and I am so appreciative. 

You took the time to educate me about the entire process, introduced me to a lender that specialized in first time buyers, you showed me properties well above my comfort level in knowing your ability to negotiate best terms and price for me well below what I could afford and got me more of a home then expected.  

I also thank you for negotiating that you present the offer to the seller himself with permission from the listing agent. You explained to him because I am a first time buyer going through a government program how he would have to help pay for some of my cost per this program, but got him to agree by telling him my personal story and how he could make a difference in my life. 

Not only was the key ceremony a wonderful surprise with the Champaign, food, flowers and so much more waiting for me as I entered my home for the first time as a home buyer, but you made the entire process so easy with personal heartfelt touches throughout the entire process. 

From the moment I met you at that open house, you really took an interest in my needs and desires for a home. I know without you, I would not have a place of my own to call "home." 

For that, and for everything, Thank You! You Are An Amazing Person.

Cara Teichert





 Jacqueline has truly listened to us and has focused on our needs, systematically taking us step by step through the process of selling our current home and purchasing our dream home. She has made sure that we have understood each step taken, thus, making the process less stressful for us. We have found her strong negotiation and problem solving skills a must in today´s challenging market.

She is not just our realtor but truly become a close family friend. She has worked with us and our abnormal schedules, daily trials and the loss of a close family member. All through our trials, she has remained a constant comfort and strong presence and has assisted in every way possible, even to the point of rescuing a distressed kitty stuck under our bed, while we were on vacation!

Jacqueline´s energy, personality and heart are qualities that are evident and give her and added advantage in whatever transactions she is involved in. These are the qualities that make us want to work with her for our current and any future transactions. 

Jacqueline, thank you for the love, for the support & for being there for us. 
You are like an angel that seems to make everything better.
We love you and value your new found friendship. You have brought a bright
spot to a very difficult & trying year! LeeAnne Furrh


Lee Anne Furrh






It takes a lot to buy a new house (especially for the first time buyers) and a lot to move in and settle down. We have finally settled in our new house and now only have some breathing room and so I decided to write this email to you. We (I and Evelyn) both wanted to thank you for your wonderful support and assistance you provided in purchasing our first home. I don´t even remember how many houses you showed us during our engagement. Your professionalism, patience and understanding of our first time buyers jitters´ really impressed us and helped us make this difficult but joyous step easy. Your continuous focus and dedication to making our purchase and thereafter the closing process as easy as it was, is really well appreciated. A big thanks for negotiating a reduced purchase price by 10,000 below market value and also negotiating with your vendors to reduce their price, in total saving us a little over 17,000 on the purchase of our beautiful home. I can´t imagine going through all different stages of our purchase as smoothly as they were without your guidance and support. So for all these, we thank you and hope to work with you again in future to buy our future homes.


AJ Joshi &  Evelyn Chan 




"Out Of The Box Thinking Makes For Happy Customers"
Jacqueline, thank you for your persistence with getting us our dream home in the specific neighborhood we wanted. We pretty much thought it was impossible because other real estate agents kept telling us there were no listings in that particular neighborhood and recommended that we buy elsewhere. Well that might have been the case until you came along! When you told us that you would write a personal letter to all the owners of that neighborhood to see if possible we can interest someone to sell who was possible thinking in those terms down the road I though you were really pushing it, because no other Realtor even mentioned such a thing. However, you started with your letters, marketing and advertising with your own money specifically to that area and taking time to knock on doors to meet the owners & share our story. Because of your persistence, creative thinking and drive to make us happy you succeeded. I am not only impressed, but also forever grateful! I cannot begin to thank you for this great accomplishment but also your willingness to always answer our calls and emails with questions and concerns. You were involved with every aspect of the process and to our surprise; you still keep in touch with us!  You are unlike any other agent or realtor we ever worked with. Your customer for life!

The Jones Family







Thank you for taking the time to help our family close one chapter of our life to open another brighter chapter!


We appreciate all your hard work that was needed to successfully sale our short sale property. It was a long drawn out process as you said it would be from the beginning. Nevertheless, you and our family never gave up. We appreciate that you continuously negotiated on our behalf with all aspects of this process from beginning to end. From restructuring the price to meet the lenders terms, to negotiating financial terms that best suited our goals, to selling before the trustee sale and not having to foreclose.

Many times, as we got closer to the trustee sale, you stood strong and fought for us. It´s amazing how many offers we received on the property, then due to the bank taking so long to approve us, those offers would disappear one by one.  We realize that this mad you have to start all over again each time in obtaining new offers throughout the short sale process, but you successfully were always able to obtain offers from qualified buyers to submit to the bank and renegotiate with our lender and therefore keeping our short sale alive.


We also appreciate you continuously having open houses on our behalf. Your marketing and advertising skills truly benefited us, which helped get as many offers as we did.


Your determination and deep desire to help our family continuously showed. By reading the online daily report we were able to see how often you had to contact our lender on a weekly basis throughout the several months process, in order to make sure that our short sale was not ignored and that our lender continuously worked on it until the successful close of escrow.


We highly recommend you to any homeowner that would like to avoid a foreclosure on their credit and successfully get their lender to accept a short sale. You really have a good understanding of what a lender needs from beginning to end in order to accept and successfully close a short sale. 

In addition, since you are also an owner in the El Caserio track and have lived in RSM for a long time it´s easier for you to point out the benefits of our neighborhood and city to potential buyers. Your real estate expertise, experience, and knowledge are certainly unmatched! 

God Bless, 

Christy and Sammy Garcia
 RSM El Caserio Resident






Dear Jacqueline,

On behalf of the staff, board of directors and, most importantly, the children of Blind Children´s Learning Center, thank you so much for your generous commission donation. Please know your friendship and support are truly appreciated, and we look forward to working with you in the future.

Blindness can mean a future of crippling isolation and dependence. Our parents dream that their blind or visually impaired child will grow to be successful, happy, and independent adults. You are helping their dreams come true.

Thank you, again, for caring and helping us to fulfill our mission to develop the full potential of blind, visually impaired, and deaf/blind children and youth to lead independent lives.


Kathy Goodspeed

Interim Executive Director




Today´s Trash For Tomorrow Treasure" 
Miss Guerra, your real estate knowledge is very in-depth and a true blessing for our family. Being a first time homebuyer, we really did not know how to shop for the right house nor did we even know where to start. You shared with us the basics (home buying 101) at the beginning and as we continued, you taught us about every process along the way and with that knowledge, we have helped other family members since. You showed us some of the same houses that other agents did but at that time, we lacked knowledge and creative thinking in changes made for just a few dollars.

You taught us how the foundation and structure of the house are the most important and how so many little things can be fixed inexpensively, which being first time buyers we would have never thought in those terms and certainly did not have other agents educate us regarding this. Well, you were right with a little fresh paint and removal of some wallpaper and a few other things we sure did find our dream home. Funny thing is since we moved into our new home it has increased in value by 95,000. We are grateful to you for sharing your knowledge with us in not only real estate but also educating us in turning yesterday trash into today´s treasures (stealing your quote). You sure do have a great eye for these types of homes and we appreciate you really listening to our concerns and needs. 

Thank you very much,

Jane & John Becker 






     11 Los Abitos, RSM


  "My Lucky Day"

  I was out looking at homes for sale one Sunday and I happened to come upon a home in the Lake Forest neighborhood that I had been waiting for.  Feeling that I probably did not have a very good chance of being the lucky one that was going to buy this beautiful home. I walked into the open house only to see the many people who were contemplating also placing an offer.

Jacqueline was showing the home, made me feel very comfortable, and seemed very knowledgeable about the home as well as the real estate market.  She asked me if I had an agent representing me and I said yes I do... her. Immediately I felt that she was very honest and cared about others.  She worked very hard with me in the preparation of my offer and informed me on what to expect.

 Without Jacqueline´s help and guidance, I would not be the lucky owner of my dream home today. After my offer was accepted, I feel that some Realtors would have stopped helping knowing that their check was in the mail. But not Jacqueline, she put in many hours even after escrow closed working with all the necessary people and negotiating to get the best pricing for me with licensed vendors to help me move forward to that lucky day when I can actually move in. 

 Jacqueline´s caring heart..The sellers of the home had a cat that they could not take with them and they were going to put it to sleep. Jacqueline heard about that and called several people to see if she could find a new home to save the cat.  In another situation, Jacqueline tried to help save my live tree inside the house that could not be removed for the termite treatment. I did not ask her to save my tree, she just did this on her own. She called different companies trying to find one that could guarantee the safety of the tree and all other living plants.  I could really tell that I had met a really sincere person that was willing to help, not only with the purchase of my new dream home but also with everything it took to make a happy and stress free move-in experience. This was certainly not a nine to five job for Jacqueline it´s her passion and she was excited for me as much as I was.

She introduced me to an honest lender and even went out of her way to make sure that his rates we still competitive by submitting my info to other lenders to make me feel comfortable. 

Jacqueline also donating a portion of her commission from the proceeds of my transaction to a non-profit organization in my name. Such a wonderful act of kindness that unfortunately we don´t see much of these days.

 So that lucky day will always stand out in my mind for the rest of my days. Not only was I lucky enough to buy my dream home well under market value, but lucky to meet Jacqueline that I will always turn to for my real estate needs.  Thank you Jacqueline for all your help and the extra mile you walked to make that special day become reality. 

Ron Anast

To a very special person Jacqueline .

You are such a classy, great, exceptional, warm hearted, caring, thoughtful and on and on person. I hope you have a great day, make it a special day for a special person like yourself. I will never forget all the special things you have done for both Ron and I, we think the world of you.  HAPPY BIRTHDAY

Love, Ron and Dianna





Thank you, Jacqueline for your generous gifts.  I am so pleased with your work on my transaction.  I appreciate every second you put into selling my home.  I am very satisfied with your performance!  Please know that when I decide to purchase my next home, I will be begging you to be my agent.  Since the process began, I have felt incredibly safe and worry free working with you.  I have learned a great deal from you. I can honestly say that you are one of the most professional and kind-hearted people I have ever encountered.  I am so happy that I met you.  Thank you for making my first home selling experience one that I have thoroughly enjoyed.


Anna Pryde




Thanks again for all of the work and time you put into getting us our lovely new home. My husband was quite set on the first home we previewed and wanted to place an offer, even though we were going to have to compromise a lot from our wish list. I am so grateful that you insisted that we continue to see more properties that had exactly what we needed. The property you highly recommended did indeed meet all of our wishes, was the least inexpensive and now the property we proudly call home.

You gave us such a wonderful "key ceremony" surprise when you decorated our new home with beautiful candles throughout and had all our favorite foods, flowers, Champaign and gift cards waiting to greet us as we walked into our new home for the first time as owners. What an amazing way to be handed keys as new home owners!

We also wanted to thank you so much for the wonderful "house warming party" you gave us. It was a special gift. What a success, everyone loved the house, food and each other´s conversation. We will always remember the party you gave us and so will all of our guests. You have been a great real estate lady and friend to us. Please keep in touch and come visit soon.

With our warmest wishes,

Marie & Tim Valenzuela




Hi Jacqueline, 

It was a great pleasure getting to know and working with you. We really appreciate your help, attentiveness to our needs and all the efforts you have put into making everything work to our benefit. 

Additionally, thanks for the warm welcome surprise at our HOME last Friday, it was definitely a memorable
 night for us!! :)

Evelyn Chan




Dear Jacqueline,

Thank-you for selling our fathers' house. You have exceptional talent when it comes to knowing the right buyer for the right house and in staging the home to maximize it's potential to any buyer. 

Our father´s home was on the market for six months with another realtor who did about 1/6th of the work you did. In fact, the other realtor had six months to sell the property and you sold it in less than four days, in a very competitive market. We felt you got us the best price for the house at the time of the sale.

Thank you for all your good efforts,
Debra Niemann


Hi Jacqueline,

I want to say thank you for the birthday card you sent me, that was really sweet.  I've been really enjoying my place, it's great!  Thanks again for helping me find it, I really appreciate it.  Its amazing how fast it all happened and how fast I moved in, it changed my life.  Well, thanks again and I hope you are well and take care.

Lance Charlton

Thanks for all your help and good wishes in buying the condo.  Lance is so pleased and he just loved the balloons, goodies and champagne!  We'll look forward to seeing the pictures.  We'll call if we ever need your services again.  Thanks for all your effort and work on our behalf.

Fay Arfa




It was such a great pleasure to meet you and now be able to call you our friend. You were so incredible helpful when it came time to sell our daughters home in RSM, thru that experience our entire family got to know you well. You were sensitive to us all for having to sell, always explained the entire process with such care. You accomplished the unthinkable, were able to sell my daughters home above market value while the market was dropping fast. 

After the sale, we needed to find a new place to call home and you were incredible helpful thru that process as well. 

Your professionalism, caring nature, impeccable ability to detail is all very much appreciated. Thank you for always caring about each member of our family.


We enjoy your company and hope to continue to remand friends always.


Ismael and Jeny Olaires



We were referred to you by our cousin. We spoke on the phone for a little while regarding selling our home as a short sale. We had spoke with many agents prior to speaking with you who wanted to sell our home, but you were the ONLY agent to first talked to us about saving our home and discussed the process regarding a loan modification. We appreciate that you took the time to speak with different lenders, looked at all our financial data and even spoke with our bank for us. We knew that you did not charge people to assist with loan modifications, but that did not matter to you, all that mattered was helping us save our home.

You reminded us not to worry about the situation, and to be grateful for the things that matter most like our health and having our family. That renting and owning a home was not all that different because ultimately the bank owns the home until paid off. You made walking away easier once realized a home is a possession, and when its all said and done we cannot take our possessions with us. Thanks for making us feel comfortable about a difficult situation. 

Once we figured out that we could not save our house you worked so hard with our two lenders to negotiate our short sale. We received several offers right away, which was nice. It was amazing how often you had to contact the lenders to negotiate, but you never gave up. Even when you found out about the taxes and HOA, having to deal with the attorneys for reduced rates.

You came across another situation when underwriting and buyers agent stated they could not move forward due to a litigation under writing found with the HOA. When you told them not to make any harsh decisions, that everything was ok because it was the master HOA and not the primary they seemed to be aware of that. You had to call all attorneys involved to get some type of written notice regarding what the litigation was about to save the transaction and all parties were so chocked that you did it and in the time specified ?once again you saved the deal.

When the lenders stated we had to pay thousands, you did not give in and continued to fight for us, to have the lenders pay everything and give us a paid in full to save our credit.

You even were kind enough to offer/gave the lenders a big chunk of your commission to meet the amount they wanted to net. Wow3;that was something!

There seemed to be one hurdle after another, but you continued to move forward and only concentrate on the successful close for our family and not hurdles themselves. Most agents would have given up at just the first large hurdle but not you. Your perseverance, hard work and always thinking outside the box is what gets your properties sold.

I cant thank you enough for all your hard work, time and efforts fighting for our family and continuously keeping us informed along the way. 

Now we can move on with our lives and concentrate on our family and live a more peaceful life without the stress.


Antonia, Natalia and Stephania Rodriquez




It is refreshing to talk to someone of your caliber and your thoroughness. Most often, this tpe of title issue will surface as a last minute issue. Whether be known or unknown to the parties involved, if sufficient evidence is not available this issue could very well extend the close of escrow and may cause some ill feelings amongst parties involved in this transaction. Fortunately, you are an exception to the rule. Most often, we title companies are not made aware of this type of background info until it becomes too late. I hope your clients apprecaite your thoroughness in checking out red flags with title prior to opening escrow, I wish all other Realtors would do the same. I hope that I may have an opportunity to work with you again soon. 

Bob Croft
Stewart Title
VP Operations Manager
San Diego Division


This letter is my personal recommendation for Jacqueline Guerra. I have had the pleasure of working with Jacqueline for the past 3+ years. During that period, I experienced Jacqueline as a hardworking, dedicated to customer satisfaction, and utmost integrity. She consistently puts 100%+ effort into every transaction she is involved in.

Jacqueline is a dedicated and committed Realtor, and is a vital part of the Real Estate community.  She is very well organized, detail oriented, dependable, and held to the highest work ethics.  She always takes the time, to give detailed explanations of all paperwork being signed, as well as the entire process of buying or selling a home.

I highly respect Jacqueline, both personally, and professionally, and wouldn´t hesitate to work with her in the future. If you have any questions regarding this recommendation, please do not hesitate to call me at (949) 939-6011.


David Gaylord

Sr. Mortgage Consultant



"Working with Jacqueline has been a pleasure. Since it was my first time buying, I was not sure what to expect. She worked with me to get pre-approved, and then found the perfect home for me."  

Kim A.


Hi Jacqueline

I just wanted to send you a note of thanks for referring me to Chad Peshke for my refinance.  I have refinanced several times over the past 13 years in this house and he was by far the easiest to work with and most upfront and honest mortgage person I have dealt with.  He explained everything clearly and concisely and got me a great rate and overcame some issues they may have prevented the refi or at least increased the rate that I got.  He was everything I could have asked for in a refi guy and I wanted you to know how much I appreciated the referral.  Otherwise I would have got another Joe Blow run of the mill person who I know wouldn´t have done such a fine job.  He is a great reflection of you due to your affiliation with him and just adds to your standing with clients.  I will keep you in mind for any future business I can toss your way.

Thanks again,

Bill Graham


After months of being frustrated and confused, Jacqueline turned my expired listing into a successful sale after immediately integrating her experience, skills & creative thinking! I was especially impressed by the quality of her marketing and how effective she brought qualified buyers to our home. She sold our house for asking price, handled all of the details, and ensured a professional and smooth sales process. We would highly recommend marketing your home with Jacqueline. 

The Chandlers


"Jacqueline showed me exactly what I was looking for! She was able to educate me about the market and pinpoint homes that I really liked. She also helped me save time and lots of money by listening to my needs and by being on top of everything."  

BoB McKen



 "Turning Your Equity Into Profit"

My wife and I worked with your Realtor Jacqueline Guerra which we were both beyond impressed with her knowledge of the real estate industry. She informed us not only the best way to market our home, create better curb appeal, but also ways to invest our equity. Because of Jacqueline and her skills, we sold our home for the price we wanted, she also found our dream home keeping us aware that even though we had no intensions of selling our new home how location was so important for the potential resell value in the future. 

Since we have moved, our equity has increased 125,000, which is very exciting to us! Jacqueline also found us the perfect rental property that we purchased with our equity from the house we sold and has already increased by 75,000. We would have never even thought in those terms until "Miss educator Jacqueline" brought this all to our attention. Well she not only has made us a loyal customer of hers but a friend as well. We still contact her for advice and for her great resources; she as well stays in contact with us as she continues to educate us. Her loyalty has not stopped just because our transactions did for now. I highly recommend your agent Jacqueline to anyone needing professional real estate services. 

Mark, Kate Anthony & Family


"I've bought two properties with Jacqueline, and each transaction has been a pleasure. She's on top of the paperwork and always seems to really understand my needs." 

Raquel Silverton


"Honesty Makes For Life Long Customers"

Thank you Jacqueline! Because of your loyalty and honesty, we were finally able to sell the house that other real estate agents were unsuccessful in doing. It was a frustrating process for my husband and me because we had always known our house to be the most beautiful in the neighborhood, which is why we did not understand why buyers were not coming by. When our contract ended with that agent, we were going to try to sell it our self that was until we heard of you. We got more then we bargained for with your expertise and creative marketing. You not only taught us why buyers were not coming to view our home from the commission listed in the MLS to the lack of marketing & much more, but you also sold our home in record time! You made the whole process enjoyable and easy since the loss of our loved one we did not need any added pressure. We thank you sincerely for all your added efforts you did for us that went beyond the call of duty. We highly recommend your services to anyone thinking of marketing their home. 

Cherelle & Blake Norm



"Complex transactions are no problem for Jacqueline Guerra. She successfully negotiated the purchase of my new home, working with me from Hong Kong!"  

The Echo Family


Choosing Jacqueline Guerra to sell our property was the best decision we made. Within days of listing, it was sold -- for the asking price! Jacqueline worked with us to get our home ready to be marketed properly, and helped us make the most of our modest improvements. She worked with the buyer´s broker and made sure all the details were covered. Jacqueline is a great sales agent and a fantastic resource. We strongly recommend Jacqueline to anyone who is looking to sell their home.

The Hamptons.


It is refreshing to talk to someone of your caliber and your thoroughness.  Most often, this type of issue will surface as a last minute issue when it comes to title.  Whether be known or unknown to the parties involved, if sufficient evidence is not available, this issue could very well extend the close of escrow and may cause some ill feelings amongst parties involved in the transaction.  Unfortunately, you are an exception to the rule.  Most often, we, title companies are not made aware of this type of background information until it becomes too late.  Thanks for taking the time to conduct preliminary research prior to listing your clients home to help them fix future escrow problems. I hope that I may have an opportunity to work with you soon.

I will E-mail the above mentioned policy as soon as the previous title provider will send me the copy.

Bob Croft
V.P. Operations Manager 
San Diego Division

Jacqueline Guerra
Jacqueline Guerra
. Rancho Santa Margarita CA 92688