2012 Annual Neighborhood Garage Sale

       Benefiting Fur-Even Animal Rescue with a Heart “Paying It Forward”
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A BIG Thank you to Kathy Thorsell  25 La Cueva, RSM for starting "Fur-Ever Animal Rescue."  This wonderful non profit organization has helped so many pets. With a full time job & runing this organization full time, she gets very little sleep, but her dedication to our voiceless society continues to help countless pets which otherwise would not have a place to call their Fur-Ever Home! Jacqueline Gerra, your neighbor & now friend. 

Thank you to Hollie Potawsky my neighbor and friend & Robert Leef her precious grandfather for making this wonderful newspaper article happen regarding our neighbor garage sale! You both are wonderful and very much appreciated.  Jacqueline Gerra


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Jacqueline Guerra
Jacqueline Guerra
. Rancho Santa Margarita CA 92688